Friday, June 14, 2013

Week 8 weigh-in

Last Weeks Weight: 206.5                                           This Weeks Weight:  203.5

3 lbs gained!

Blogging- I decided to start counting my weighin weeks beginning with the day my band was unfilled.  That was the day I began this new journey in eating healthier and hopefully getting another WLS to help.  Blogging and logging foods are my top two tools in this lifelong journey. Besides, I enjoy it.

Nutrition-I didn't do 100% on my logging.  I turned off my reminders and realized I really need the aggravating noise on my phone for now to stay on course..  The switch to myfitnesspal has worked out beautifully so far.  My healthy eating wasn't very healthy this week and I feel ashamed.  No only because I gained weight but because of the amount of Sodium, fat & Carcinogens I have ingested.  This week I hope to do better eating clean, unprocessed foods. NSV:I ordered grilled fish at Shaggy's instead of my usual texmex.  I missed 2 days of logging that only happens on binge days of course.  It's the fatlady trying to hide the fact that she is binging. 

FRI : +435 SAT:+198  SUN:+350   MON+XXX :TUE+0 :WED+338:THU: +XXX

Here is my fitnesspal scale for this first 8 weeks.  I am exactly the weight I was week one.

Exercise-I swam 1X and walked 1X this week.

Water - My water intake has been extremely low.  I must do better!

MY life - This past week we ate out 4X and cooked fried shrimp.  I was as far away from healthy eating as I could be.  There is nothing I can do about that now so I will turn the page and try to do better this week.  I only foresee one eating challenge this week which is a swim meet.  I have an appointment with my Surgeon this week, I will blog about the outcome when its over.  I also have researched and noted WLS support group meeting nearby and hope to attend at least once a month or more.


 I am on a quest to reduce plastic and BPA in my life.  I gotta say.....its impossible to completely refrain.  Milk for instance,  we have no dairies within any reasonable distance and even the "organic" milks are in cartons lined with plastic that touches the milk.  But I will continue to work at eliminating what I can. 


One of my main tools is more canning:  I hope to can homemade tomato sauce this week.

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