Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Weighin - Week 9

Last Weeks Weight: 206.5                                           This Weeks Weight:  204.0

2.5 loss!

Blogging- While I haven't blogged everyday, I did one extra post this week.  The blogging bug is taking hold again so I will continue to keep posting.  This is my 3rd Friday weighin since I had my band unfilled and began my journey to the sleeve.

Nutrition-I lagged on my food journaling this week.  Of course it was on days where I made poor food choices.  My veggie consumption this week was poor and my sugar very high.  My food choices were no driven by my usual boredom this week but from poor planning.. Not having enough healthy choices on hand during the hectic week of swimteam season with the grandkids.

 FRI : +XXX SAT:-120  SUN:+122   MON+60 :TUE+357 :WED+275:THU: +597

Exercise - Swimming 4x

Water - I have done better with water this week, haven't drank any sodas.  While I did drink some PowerAde at a swim meet.

My Life- Life has been hectic this week.  Running behind the grandkids all week for swim practice/meets.  I saw my surgeon on Wednesday, he said I need another psychic eval.  When I did this for my band, it consisted of a question/answer packet in their office.  This time I have to see an actual shrink.  I am nervous about it because I don't like having recorded doctor visits about my mental problems.  I mean who doesn't?  Most of mine have to do with the transition to retirement and finding my life path....

Last week I made the decision to start wearing lipstick and perfume every single day.  When I worked, each morning I would eat breakfast...brush my makeup.  Since I retired, I all but quit the makeup.  I do realize that 90% of the time, no one will ever see it.  I mean I don't have much social interaction (another area to work on).  But does that mean I should feel pretty to myself?  I'm over 50, what am I saving my perfume for?   Anyway, I have done fairly well this week.  The main hurdle this week is swimming.  By the time we get back from the pool its nearly lunch before I have showered and dressed.  But I am making the effort!

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