Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday weighin post -Week 10

Last Weeks Weight:  204.0                                        This Weeks Weight:  205.5

1.5 Gain!

Blogging- I blew it this past week in all areas with the exception of this blog post.  I didn't make a life post during the week because it has just been so crazy this week.  But I am picking my butt off the floor, dusting myself off and starting with a clean slate beginning today with this post.

Nutrition-I completely ignored my food journal this past week.  That never happens when I am eating clean.  Suffice to say I binged on processed non healthy foods the entire week.  I ate fast food 2-3 times.


Exercise - none

Water - hardly worth mentioning, WILL COUNT THEM THIS WEEK!

My Life- This week started off nice & relaxed with Hubby & I sitting on the beach Sunday evening watching the sunset...
Shaggy's @ PassChristian MS

Monday evening my granddaughters came to stay for the week, it was so busy it seemed to fly by in a blur. 

Monday evening & Tuesday morning were swimteam practice:
 Tuesday evening was their final swim meet.  Both my girls did outsanding.  I am so very proud of both of their accomplishments this summer!
 Wednesday we went to see Monsters University, which both the girls loved.  My little one's birthday is this month and she wants all the MonsterU toys. 
P.S: In a final note, I have my first dietician appointment this afternoon.  This is my first visit to one.  I really hope she will help me in my desire to live and eat cleaner.  I have high hopes that she will be a big help.

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