Saturday, June 1, 2013

Friday Weighin a day late

Last Weeks Weight: 206.0                                           This Weeks Weight:  203.5


Blogging- I forgot to weigh myself Friday morning.  I remembered it later in the day, but wanted to keep my weighin times consistent so I waited until today (Saturday).  So I woke up early this morning and wanted to write my post.  I am really trying to keep up my blog posting, it's more difficult to remember with the grand kids being here.

Food Log-I have been logging my foods everyday but my caloric intact has been all over the place.  NSV, a couple of times when I have forgotten to log food, I have felt guilt ....this is good, to me this means its becoming more of a habit.  PS:  I am switching to myfitnesspal for logging beginning today, Loseit just doesn't contain enough foods and I am tired of constantly having to add foods, it leaves too much room for errors and mistakes.

FRI : +102 SAT:+867  SUN:+351   MON-102 :TUE+563 :WED-100:THU: +143

Exercise-Swam 1X this week, increased housework and not as much coachpotato time since running around after munchkin.

Water - Need more water!

MY life - This week I will have my grandkids for 4 of the 7 days.  Food while they are here has its ups and downs.  The good: we did salad one day, red beans one day.  The Bad: Oreos, hotdogs & Chinese rice.

This week, I plan to put away the kindle while at swim practice and jump in.  Swimming while the kids are practicing would be added PT!

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