Sunday, June 30, 2013

Canning Peaches

Yesterday I canned my very first peach preserves, I am so proud!

I bought two dozen beautiful Georgia peaches.

Next I blanched them by filling a large pot with water an bringing to a rolling boil.  Dropping my peaches (8 medium at a time) into the water for 60-80 seconds.

I immediately put them into a bowl of ice water to cool.  This step process also made the peeling practically slip off.
 Then a removed the cored & removed the pit and smashed them up with a potato masher.  Into my jelly maker machine they went.  I will admit my jelly machine was expensive but it was my Christmas gift.
I canned using two recipes, one with sugar, one with raw honey.  I also added a touch of Mexican vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon (we love some cinny on everything!)

I hope that canning will become easier as I become more familiar with it.  Next, I hope to freeze some fresh corn I bought.  I will report on it afterwards

Saturday, June 29, 2013

My First Dietitian Consultation (#1 of 4 ) & Accountability

I have been on various diets and fitness programs my entire adult life.  To be honest, I feel like I know in my brain what is healthy and what is not.  So when my doctor ordered private consultations with a dietitian, I immediately had visions of those consults with diet pill doctors & Jenny Craig's "consultants" (they were just skinny women wearing white coats).  Don't get me wrong...some of the ladies I had during my Jenny Craig days were very nice, but they were not educated professionals.

When I arrived for my appointment with Melissa, my Dietitian.  I was sitting there rolling my eyes, waiting to be judged by some super thin model type with judgmental expressions.  I am glad to report I was wrong.  Melissa is a gem!  She is friendly, super busy and really loves her job.  When she is not consulting clients, she is head of food service at the small surgery center where her office is located.  The surgery center handles a great deal of WLS patients so she is experienced with our unique issues,  as well as those who are dieting alone.

This first visit lasted an hour, we talked about my failed weigh loss long I followed it, how much weight did I lose, how long was I able to maintain and why I think I stopped.  Then we talked about my band and all the complications I have had.   She asked me to describe what my typical day of eating was like, how often we eat out and where.  No judgments, just encouraging smiles from Melissa.

She told me I was already doing some of the basic things like food journaling & increasing my water intake.  But the thing that stood out the most was my lack of protein.  I have been eating too much carbs (not a surprise) and not nearly enough protein.  Ok, I should know to eat my protein first, it was pounded into my brain when I was banded, but I had fallen into my old eating habits. So it's back to basics for me.

She suggested a 1300-1500 calorie/high fiber/Diabetic Cardiac meal plan (due to family history)

I need to keep my protein in the 50-70g range and she wants me to include protein in every meal including snacks.  She also asked me to replace the carbs with whole wheat alternatives, which I already do at home, except for pasta.  The challenge for me is making whole wheat choices when eating out....I lack the willpower :-/

We then discussed protein supplements.  I did protein shakes in the beginning when I was banded, but had gradually stopped.  She told me about some new choices on the market.  There was no sales pitch with any particular products, she just talked about likes/dislikes from her other clients.  A couple of them didn't sound half bad, so I plan to give them a try.  Now that I have no fluid in my band, I hope to eat enough protein so supplements won't be required.  Once I am sleeved, I don't know if it will be possible to eat that much food...hence I need to start experimenting with supplements again.

We also talked about exercise briefly.  Mostly, the increased risk of bone/muscle loss in WLS patients.  She wants me to add at least one strength training session per week.

Bottom line:  My doctor ordered 4 consults, I'm not sure if that's all insurance will pay for...or if he will order more when I'm done.  I am very glad that I went, I already knew much of the things we talked about.  But, I think I needed the reinforcement.  Melissa asked that I print out a report of my foodlog from fitnesspal so we can review it during my second appointment.  Say What?? My brain screamed ACCOUNTABILITY !  Everything that goes into my mouth will be scrutinized, I hoping for some positive feedback on my next appointment.  I think it's going to be very nice to have someone to discuss my nutrition choices with!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday weighin post -Week 10

Last Weeks Weight:  204.0                                        This Weeks Weight:  205.5

1.5 Gain!

Blogging- I blew it this past week in all areas with the exception of this blog post.  I didn't make a life post during the week because it has just been so crazy this week.  But I am picking my butt off the floor, dusting myself off and starting with a clean slate beginning today with this post.

Nutrition-I completely ignored my food journal this past week.  That never happens when I am eating clean.  Suffice to say I binged on processed non healthy foods the entire week.  I ate fast food 2-3 times.


Exercise - none

Water - hardly worth mentioning, WILL COUNT THEM THIS WEEK!

My Life- This week started off nice & relaxed with Hubby & I sitting on the beach Sunday evening watching the sunset...
Shaggy's @ PassChristian MS

Monday evening my granddaughters came to stay for the week, it was so busy it seemed to fly by in a blur. 

Monday evening & Tuesday morning were swimteam practice:
 Tuesday evening was their final swim meet.  Both my girls did outsanding.  I am so very proud of both of their accomplishments this summer!
 Wednesday we went to see Monsters University, which both the girls loved.  My little one's birthday is this month and she wants all the MonsterU toys. 
P.S: In a final note, I have my first dietician appointment this afternoon.  This is my first visit to one.  I really hope she will help me in my desire to live and eat cleaner.  I have high hopes that she will be a big help.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Weighin - Week 9

Last Weeks Weight: 206.5                                           This Weeks Weight:  204.0

2.5 loss!

Blogging- While I haven't blogged everyday, I did one extra post this week.  The blogging bug is taking hold again so I will continue to keep posting.  This is my 3rd Friday weighin since I had my band unfilled and began my journey to the sleeve.

Nutrition-I lagged on my food journaling this week.  Of course it was on days where I made poor food choices.  My veggie consumption this week was poor and my sugar very high.  My food choices were no driven by my usual boredom this week but from poor planning.. Not having enough healthy choices on hand during the hectic week of swimteam season with the grandkids.

 FRI : +XXX SAT:-120  SUN:+122   MON+60 :TUE+357 :WED+275:THU: +597

Exercise - Swimming 4x

Water - I have done better with water this week, haven't drank any sodas.  While I did drink some PowerAde at a swim meet.

My Life- Life has been hectic this week.  Running behind the grandkids all week for swim practice/meets.  I saw my surgeon on Wednesday, he said I need another psychic eval.  When I did this for my band, it consisted of a question/answer packet in their office.  This time I have to see an actual shrink.  I am nervous about it because I don't like having recorded doctor visits about my mental problems.  I mean who doesn't?  Most of mine have to do with the transition to retirement and finding my life path....

Last week I made the decision to start wearing lipstick and perfume every single day.  When I worked, each morning I would eat breakfast...brush my makeup.  Since I retired, I all but quit the makeup.  I do realize that 90% of the time, no one will ever see it.  I mean I don't have much social interaction (another area to work on).  But does that mean I should feel pretty to myself?  I'm over 50, what am I saving my perfume for?   Anyway, I have done fairly well this week.  The main hurdle this week is swimming.  By the time we get back from the pool its nearly lunch before I have showered and dressed.  But I am making the effort!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sugar-Free Lemon Pie recipe, so refreshing!

We live on the beautiful Gulf Coast in a beautiful city with access to pools, tennis, golf & the friendliest neighbors ever!  We are a stones throw away from fishing, casinos, waterparks and love all of it!  We have 2 daughters, 1 son, 3 beautiful grand-daughters and 3 soon-to-be stepsons.  God has truly blessed us in the family department.

I have all this and yet the only thing I ever blog about is my weight.  I agree that my Friday weigh-ins are important to keep me committed to my healthy lifestyle.  Today it dawned on me that perhaps I need to give equal attention to other parts of my, beginning today this blog will be about so much more than dieting.  I will totally understand if my fellow WLS bloggers want to skip over these posts.  This blog is about me and what makes me happy and gives my life meaning.

Father's Day Breakfast @ Cracker Barrel

Father's Day was yesterday and we all treated Hubby like the king he is. He is truly a wonderful man and Father.   We started the day swimming laps for 30 minutes.  Afterwards, we met our Son, DIL & grandsons-to-be at Cracker Barrel and had a great time.  Our daughters were off doing Fathers day with their DH's and kids.  The rest of the day, I tried really hard to let Hubby do his own thing.  He spent the day doing his two favorite things watching baseball and horseracing. 
I fertilized our garden with some miracle grow.  We have not had much luck with our garden this year, I think we may have planted too late.  I am trying everything I can to get the plants to show some growth.

Dinner was delicious baked blackened catfish with fresh zucchini and carrots.  For dessert I made a sugar/fat free lemon pie.  Its so easy to make and no baking, here is the recipe:

Lemon icebox pie
1 reduced fat graham cracker pie shell
1 box  fat/sugar free lemon pudding
1 lemon
1-3/4 cups skim/fat free milk
1 tube/pk crystal light lemonade mix (pk that makes 2Qt pitcher full)
1 8oz Sugar Free Cool Whip-thawed
Combine the lemonade mix and pudding in a medium sized bowl with a whisk.  Slowly add the milk & juice from lemon while whisking.  Fold in thawed Cool Whip and mix until its fluffy.  Pour into pie shell and refrigerate about an hour.  OMG is so good !


Friday, June 14, 2013

Week 8 weigh-in

Last Weeks Weight: 206.5                                           This Weeks Weight:  203.5

3 lbs gained!

Blogging- I decided to start counting my weighin weeks beginning with the day my band was unfilled.  That was the day I began this new journey in eating healthier and hopefully getting another WLS to help.  Blogging and logging foods are my top two tools in this lifelong journey. Besides, I enjoy it.

Nutrition-I didn't do 100% on my logging.  I turned off my reminders and realized I really need the aggravating noise on my phone for now to stay on course..  The switch to myfitnesspal has worked out beautifully so far.  My healthy eating wasn't very healthy this week and I feel ashamed.  No only because I gained weight but because of the amount of Sodium, fat & Carcinogens I have ingested.  This week I hope to do better eating clean, unprocessed foods. NSV:I ordered grilled fish at Shaggy's instead of my usual texmex.  I missed 2 days of logging that only happens on binge days of course.  It's the fatlady trying to hide the fact that she is binging. 

FRI : +435 SAT:+198  SUN:+350   MON+XXX :TUE+0 :WED+338:THU: +XXX

Here is my fitnesspal scale for this first 8 weeks.  I am exactly the weight I was week one.

Exercise-I swam 1X and walked 1X this week.

Water - My water intake has been extremely low.  I must do better!

MY life - This past week we ate out 4X and cooked fried shrimp.  I was as far away from healthy eating as I could be.  There is nothing I can do about that now so I will turn the page and try to do better this week.  I only foresee one eating challenge this week which is a swim meet.  I have an appointment with my Surgeon this week, I will blog about the outcome when its over.  I also have researched and noted WLS support group meeting nearby and hope to attend at least once a month or more.


 I am on a quest to reduce plastic and BPA in my life.  I gotta say.....its impossible to completely refrain.  Milk for instance,  we have no dairies within any reasonable distance and even the "organic" milks are in cartons lined with plastic that touches the milk.  But I will continue to work at eliminating what I can. 


One of my main tools is more canning:  I hope to can homemade tomato sauce this week.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Weigh-In Friday report

Last Weeks Weight: 203.5                                           This Weeks Weight:  203.5


Blogging- This week has been very much up and down.  The grandkids were only here 4 days which left me time for writing my blog on time :)  Gain or Loss, blogging is definitely keeping me aware.

Nutrition-As I reported last week, I made the switch from Loseit! to FitnessPal  app and it has worked out wonderfully.  I do not think I had to manually add any foods at all.  Logging is becoming more of a habit again, I have gone back to add forgotten foods from the previous day.  I feel something missing when I don't log.  I do have reminders set up should I forget to log and that is helping. NSV: I do find myself making the effort to try low fat/sugar alternative recipes.

FRI : +49 SAT:+405  SUN:+186   MON+256 :TUE+91 :WED+174:THU: +272

Exercise-Swam 2X this week.

Water - Need more water!

MY life - We ate out 5x this week, of course that is never again thing when it comes to healthy eating.  I know the right thing to do would be to order a salad, but I cannot make myself do it.  There is room for improvement in the area of Eating Out.  This upcoming week has several challenges, The Kids, Hubby's birthday and our anniversary.  The kids are a challenge because we have more junk in the house when they are here.  Hubby's birthday might be my opportunity to order a salad. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Friday Weighin a day late

Last Weeks Weight: 206.0                                           This Weeks Weight:  203.5


Blogging- I forgot to weigh myself Friday morning.  I remembered it later in the day, but wanted to keep my weighin times consistent so I waited until today (Saturday).  So I woke up early this morning and wanted to write my post.  I am really trying to keep up my blog posting, it's more difficult to remember with the grand kids being here.

Food Log-I have been logging my foods everyday but my caloric intact has been all over the place.  NSV, a couple of times when I have forgotten to log food, I have felt guilt ....this is good, to me this means its becoming more of a habit.  PS:  I am switching to myfitnesspal for logging beginning today, Loseit just doesn't contain enough foods and I am tired of constantly having to add foods, it leaves too much room for errors and mistakes.

FRI : +102 SAT:+867  SUN:+351   MON-102 :TUE+563 :WED-100:THU: +143

Exercise-Swam 1X this week, increased housework and not as much coachpotato time since running around after munchkin.

Water - Need more water!

MY life - This week I will have my grandkids for 4 of the 7 days.  Food while they are here has its ups and downs.  The good: we did salad one day, red beans one day.  The Bad: Oreos, hotdogs & Chinese rice.

This week, I plan to put away the kindle while at swim practice and jump in.  Swimming while the kids are practicing would be added PT!