Friday, May 10, 2013

Stuck in Neutral

Last Weeks Weight: 204.5 This Weeks Weight:  204.5


Blogging- My 4th week shows no loss.  I guess Zi am a little disappointed but I also know this wasn't my best effort.  I made poor choices on at least 3 days, my plumbing has not been regular and I had crabs,full of salt.

Food Log-My NSV this week is my deliberate effort to eat vegetables EVERY day.  I have  logged my foods all 7 days.  Friday we went to Shaggys's and I ordered chicken Quesidilla?sp only to find out later that is was a minimum 1500 calories, next time I need to make smarter restaurant choices.

Exercise-Walked 5X this week

Water -I have tried to log this but its not working. I am making big efforts to drink water each day.

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