Friday, May 3, 2013

My 3rd weekly weigh-in

Last Weeks Weight: 206.5 This Weeks Weight:  204.5


Blogging- This is my 3rd Friday blog, although I haven't done any intermittent blogs, I am happy that I have kept up with my weekly weigh in.  I am going to try an experiment this week...I am going to blog each each day about my exercise, I want to see if it inspires me to be more active.

Food Log-NSV here.  I have logged my food all 7 days this week.  Forcing myself to research calories is helping.  Saturday I scarfed down 2 hot dogs (no fluid in my band) later to find out that was a 534 calorie lunch....and I don't even care for hot dogs...what an eye opener!  Sunday we went to a show and I had popcorn another diet buster POOR CHOICE, afterward we went to eat Italian and I got Chicken Parmesan.  I ate the warm bread with pesto POOR CHOICE.  I immediately cut a small piece of chicken and stuck to it, saving the rest to bring home GOOD CHOICE

Long ago during my weight watcher days, I discovered I have 2 red light foods.  Meaning foods that will cause me to binge.  One is pizza, I will eat it until I bust.  The other is peanut butter, I bought it months ago and it was pushed back in my pantry.  My husband found it and put it in front so I could see it.. Needless to say, I ate the entire jar this week. POOR CHOICE

FRI : -16      SAT:-258       SUN:+109   MON+269 :TUE-56 :WED+254:THU-4

Exercise-Walked 2X this week, Gardening 1X

Water -I have tried to log this but its not working. I am going to find something else to help me track it.  I am trying to stay away from plastic so I use a glass, now I have to find something to mark it.

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