Saturday, May 25, 2013

Friday Weighin on Saturday Morning

Last Weeks Weight: 202.5 This Weeks Weight:  206.0


Blogging- I forgot to weigh myself Friday morning.  I remembered it later in the day, but wanted to keep my weighin times consistent so I waited until today (Saturday).  So I woke up early this morning and wanted to write my post.  I am really trying to keep up my blog posting, even when I gain, at least I can make myself look at the numbers in black and white.

Food Log-I have been logging my foods everyday but my caloric intact has been all over the place.  Every time I have high calorie totals its because I am not eating veggies.  When I eat a breakfast omelet with veggies its so much food, compared to just eggs with grits or toast.  I have not bought any breakfast meats as a way to cut them for a bit.

FRI : +2170 SAT:+234   SUN:+249   MON+807 :TUE+294 :WED+350:THU: +361

Exercise-Walked 2X this week

Water - I didn't do as well as usual with my water.  I need to work on this

MY life - This week I will have my grandkids for 4 of the 7 days.  My oldest granddaughter could use some healthy food choices so I am going to try salad a night or two.

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