Friday, May 17, 2013

Awareness and Ostriches

Last Weeks Weight: 204.5 This Weeks Weight:  202.5


Blogging- I have been doing well with my Weightloss Friday Blog.  I just haven't had the inclination to write daily entries and this is good for now.

Food Log-Food Logging is an interesting thing for me.  I suffer from what I call the Ostrich Effect.  The fat person in me insists If I do not log a poor high-calorie food choice (head in sand) body won't notice.  How stupid is that?  It has always been that way with me in food logs.  Don't write the calories and fat in that snickers bar and it won't go to be hips. 

This week those poor choices consisted of 3T of mayo in chicken salad, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, blueberry pie and that granddaddy of them all......fried oysters=1,060 calories in one meal.....what an eye opener! Below is my calorie totals, all red :(

FRI : +583 SAT:+39       SUN:+376   MON+59 :TUE+490 :WED+251:THU: +119

Exercise-Walked 4X this week, Gardening 1X

Water - It's getting hot again, that always helps with my water intake.  I think this is the one area that I do the best in...although I do think there is still room for improvement.

MY life - Went to see my surgeon yesterday (Thursday).  He wants me to start classes with a dietician.  It can only help right?  I always do better when I have a cheerleader and someone looking over my shoulder.  Here's the thing......He does not want me to loose any more weight right now if I want to continue to try for the sleeve.  He also said these last few months of appointments will count towards my supervised diet requirements.  So I will be on a tightrope of sorts until after my next 2 monthly appointments which which would be after July.  So my plan is to eat healthy, log my food but not limit my  calories or carbs for now.  I have never ever tried not to lose weight before :-/

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