Thursday, April 18, 2013

Might have to take a U turn here...

Today my customer advocate called me and said Medicare will likely NOT cover a revision because my low BMI of 35  She also said I would have to have 5 years records from my family doctors with my weight history and still not likely to get approval if the acid reflux does not show on the GUI..

Well duh! my band is empty now so I know it will not show.  All my hope is deflated so it looks like the sleeve bus will have to change course before it even gets on the road.

Looks like it is back to band again.  What to do? What to do?  Well my thoughts at this point is to make my band work the best it can.  What will that mean? For starters I will have to have it refilled slowly, as much as I can without reflux and stop.  After that it will be up to me. 

I know what works, I have been dieting all my life.  So I need to get myself into the mode again. I need a plan. 

Here are some areas I need to work on.

1 - BLOGGING-Blogging is a biggie, I KNOW it works, I KNOW it holds me accountable and gives me a place to vent without holding back.

2-LOGGING my foods- without a doubt this works for me.  I must write down every crumb or liquid that passes my lips.

3-EXERCISE- I need to schedule it on my calender.  Every morning when I get up, i check my calenders for the day. 
     a. Walking with hubby each am/pm
     b.  gym @ least 3X a week
     c.  a class @ least 1x a week
     d.  swimming laps May-Sept
     e.  wii exercises 1x a week
     f.  bike each evening

4. Scale - once a week and write it down.

This will work banded or not.  No more excuses!

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