Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Weigh-In

Last Weeks Weight: 206.5 This Weeks Weight: 206.5

Usually I would be I was discouraged by this, but right now I am just so happy to stop gaining.

Blogging- I didn't find the time or the inclination to blog everyday but I am here today for my weekly weighin.  If I can stick to weekly weighins it will be very good to keep me aware.  To be honest, I am retired and don't really have much to blog about everyday, Like I used to.

Food Log-My logging has gone fairly well this week, not the calories, but the act of logging went well lol.  No matter how much I tried to make myself NOT log high calorie foods...I did it anyway. 

MON+215 :TUE-233 :WED-208:THU+376

Exercise-Walked 2X this week, definately room for improvement here.  I am going to be sure to walk a minimum of 3x each week, hopefully more.

Water - I need to find a better way to count my water but I am drinking it each day.

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