Friday, October 4, 2013

Weekly Weighin

Last Weeks Weight:  195.5                                    This Weeks Weight:  195.0

.5 lb Loss
I fell off the path to healthy this week.  I am trying so hard to dust myself off and continue.  I need to remember this is a lifelong journey and I will not be perfect all the time.  In my quest to remove grains from my diet, I have discontinued having bread in the house (much to Hubby's dismay).  Giving up grains is really hard...the cravings are enormous and always there.  I was not perfect, I had popcorn at a movie theatre and I had some wheat thins. 
I didn't swim this week due to a infection that seems to have cleared up now.  The pain made it difficult for any type of walking or bike riding so my fitness was null this week.  I did not expect any loss, I was quite surprised to see the 1/2 pound loss. but I did not gain which was a miracle.
Hubby will be gone on a trip this week so I will have to rely on myself to follow the healthy path and not stray.
My goals for this week.
*I will start C2K program
*swim (if water temperature allows)
*bike riding
*no grains

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday weigh-in post...Encouragement vs Sabotage

Last Weeks Weight:  197.0                                    This Weeks Weight:  195.5

1.5 lb Loss
I enjoyed a good week.  Plenty of exercise, few challenges so far.  My new goal is to reach the 180's before we leave for San Juan November 9th.  I am ok with myself if I don't make it, but it would be nice.  I am constantly reminding myself that this is not a sprint but a journey.  I have been low carb mostly but working to eliminate grains altogether. I am having a tough time with it.  I am trying to develop  a healthy eating plan that works for ME, not the masses.  My healthy eating plan has to be something I can do the rest of my life, not just during weight loss and I am just not sure how realistic it would be for me personally to give up all grains.  If I find I am not comfortable with it, I will return to low carb.
Fall is here and that means everything pumpkin for me.  I bought my first one yesterday and plan to peel and use the flesh for wonderful dishes.  Candy shouldn't be too much a difficulty because we don't get trick or treats at my house.
On another note....  Hubby has always been very supportive and encouraging during my weight struggles. Last night we were at grandkids swim meet and he was kind enough to bring the little one for a treat while big sister swam.  It can become quite boring for the little one.  Before he left we discussed pumpkin lattes, he knows they are my favorite in the fall.  I told him no thank you because I am trying to eliminate sugar from my diet, including sugar substitutes.  He came back with one for me loaded with sugar anyway!!  I know he was trying to make a thoughtful gesture, but I was upset inside that he didn't encourage me not to indulge.  This morning I am still a little unraveled, but I have not said anything because he truly is a kind and generous man and I know he did not consciously try to sabotage me.  I am still trying to decide how to approach this subject with him.  I truly don't want to seem ungrateful. 
The weather here is finally out of the 90's this week but the humidity is still high.  Today was my last day at our pool since it's not heated.  My challenge for the upcoming week is to replace my swimming with other cardio!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Weighin - Who loses weight while on vacation?

Last Weeks Weight:  198.0                                    This Weeks Weight:  197.0

1 lb Loss
This girl does!!!  Ok, it was only one pound, but the important thing is... I DID NOT GAIN ANY WEIGHT WHILE ON VACATION.
No, I was not at all perfect with my choices.  I had a few homemade frozen cocktails, but I budgeted my calories for them.  I had treats, again...I counted the calories and budgeted for them.  When I made a choice that was not healthy, it was with my eyes wide open.  I ate it and then got right back on the path to healthy.  I did not let any poor choices give me an excuse to binge the rest of my vacation. 
I exercised with fun things like hour long walks on the beach, swimming.  I am happy with myself. Onward!
Yesterday I did a psych evaluation regarding bariatric surgery.  I resented the tiny (size 0) psychiatrist telling me what I was doing wrong.  I have battled my weight 30+ years.  I know what is healthy and what is not.  I think anyone who has been on yo-yo diets knows what we SHOULD eat.  So what makes it so hard for me to continue on this road?  Why do I lose weigh only to regain it again?  This psychiatrist gave me absolutely no insight on this problem.  What a waste of money. 
I am having second thoughts about having WLS.   I am worried about possible complications.  The fact that I am slowly chipping away at my weight on my own is also a reason.    I am scared not to follow through with surgery...what if I fall down again? Will I be able to pick myself up again?  What is so wrong with me that I can watch my family members have limbs amputated and still I struggle to eat healthy & exercise......So much to think about.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 4 - Indian Rocks Beach

We visited a small Greek Fishing Village in Tarpon Springs.  It was such a cute village with many Greek restaurants, bakeries & shops.  

The fishermen farm sea sponges from the gulf which are the cut & sold worldwide. It was so interesting to see how they harvest them.   I bought a few sponges, some Greek olive oil & lotions made with olive oil.

We had a lovely lunch & dessert from one of the bakeries.

I ate no dinner, I was too full :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 3 - Indian Rocks Beach

We awoke early and drove 30 minutes to the end of St. Petersburg Beach for sunrise.  It was so pretty.  Afterwards we drove back to our condo and walked on the beach 45 minutes and swam for an hour.

Breakfast was a veggie omelet and two pcs of bacon.

Lunch was just an apple.

Supper was fresh grouper with veggies

A small homemade piña colada with fresh pineapple & bananas. The only alcohol I have consumed so far & I have decided when I do decide to partake, I will limit myself to one.

* walked min of an hour everyday
* swam min of 30 mins everyday
* eating plenty fresh fish & veggies
* logging my foods while on vacation 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 2 - Indian Rocks Beach

We walked on the beach for 75 minutes.  The water was calm & looked like smooth glass. After our walk we swam 30 minutes in the pool.

Breakfast was 2 eggs & veggies with whole wheat toast.

Lunch was nuts & seeds. 

We ate supper at PJ's oyster house. I had blackened mahi mahi tacos.  I ate 1/2 the tortilla wraps.  

We were offered a slice of key lime pie at no charge, which we took home.  We split the pie later giving us a very thin slice.

We later walked the beach & swam in the gulf as we watched a brilliant sunset.

*Walked 2x
*Swam 2x
*No Alcohol
*logging my food on vacation 
*blogging while on vacation YAY!

Monday, September 9, 2013

DAY 1 - Indian Rocks Beach

September 8,2013

This morning we had our morning coffee on the patio as we watched the sunrise.

We hit a bit of bump before our morning beach walk when we locked ourselves out of the condo.  Of course it's Sunday so we had to wait  a bit for someone to let us in.  We took turns walking & after we got our key we swam laps.

Breakfast was leftover pancakes & bacon with fat free milk. Not great choice, but I budgeted for it.

After breakfast we visited a local flea market, it was huge! We bought fresh veggies & grouper.

Lunch was an apple & turkey & Swiss rolls while watching football.

For Supper  cooked our grouper & veggies. So far blogging while on vacation has helped tremendously !

* logged all my foods
* fitness -check
* made awesome meal choices
* no alcohol today

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Beginning of our Road Trip to Tampa

Saturday,Sept. 7,2013
We drove with the windows down enjoying the cool morning air.
We stopped for breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Pensacola, Florida.  I had eggs, 2 pc bacon, 1/2 svg. of casserole & 2 half biscuits.  Saved pancakes for tomorrow's breakfast. I know not healthy choices :(

Lunch was turkey & Swiss on whole wheat with a touch of Dijon . Better food choice.

We arrived around 4pm & we dropped off our things in the condo then headed to the nearby Publix for some groceries. We experienced a little sticker shock on the produce here compared to home.  We don't have Publix at home, so maybe it is normal for Florida.

Dinner was rotisserie chicken & steamed veggies. Good choice so far ..I ate a bowl of mint chocolate ice cream, not healthy by any means :(

I am vowing to make better choices tomorrow, this vacation will NOT be an excuse to binge!

ps. We saw our first amazing sunset on the beach

Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Weighin ~ A trip to Onederland

Last Weeks Weight:  201.0                                    This Weeks Weight:  198.0

3 lb Loss
Finally made it back to Onederland.  It's been over a year since I was at this weight.  I had a good week.  I logged all my foods and did well with my food choices.  I fell short on my strength training & flexibility exercises this week.  I will have no access to gym while on trip, but I will do at least one yoga video.
Tomorrow we travel to Tampa Florida for 9 days.  That will be 9 days without a scale, I am a little nervous to be disconnected from the scale for so long.  I do have exercise already planned for the trip including morning and evening walks on the beach and more swimming.  I may even right a bike for a day, depending on the weather.  I will also have my iPad for connecting to YouTube exercise videos.
On another note, I lost a friend this week due to complications from diabetes.  She had weight loss surgery a few years back and lost significant weight.  She was never very active though.  I feel that losing the weight did let her live a better quality of life during the last few years, but I can't help but think maybe if she had been more active, she would have had even more of those years.   Another wake up call for me - as if I needed one :(
NSV's for the week
  • shorts that are getting too big to wear
  • choosing NOT to eat junk food at granddaughters swim meet
  • swam laps 6x
  • walked 1x
  • strength training 1x
My plan for vacation week is to continue logging my foods, keep alcohol to minimum, eat as many fresh fruits & veggies as possible, choose grilled seafood choices whenever possible, blog about my day for accountability.  The alcohol will be a challenge for this week since we love frozen concoctions while beaching, but my plan is to share one with Hubby instead of preparing one just for me.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Weighin & Dietitian Consultation 3 of 4 (Smart Shopping)

Last Weeks Weight:  200.0                                    This Weeks Weight:  201.0

1 lb Gain
Thanks to my food log, I am not at all surprised I gained this week.  One thing about logging my never lets me forget the poor choices.  Some of those choices included horribly unhealthy fried oysters, shrimp & fish. Along with far too much cheese (the cheese really did go undetected).  I ended up the week with 43% carbs, 39% fat and a mere 18% protein.  Totally unacceptable in my new healthy lifestyle.  This is the reason I am so diligent about logging my foods.  It's a challenge sometimes because I want to sweep my poor choices under the not entering them in the log.  Of course, it would only fool my mind, my scale will show the truth.
My dietitian consultation was great as usual.  First we reviewed my food log and made some adjustments to my diet for the next month.  I was really surprised how much of the fat this week came from cheese.  Even though I am measuring the cheese and choosing organic types, it still has significant fat. 
*  I am reducing my weekly intake of cheese to 2x a week or less.  If it still reflects on the scale, I will reduce to 1x or eliminate completely.
* I am also adjusting my caloric intake again from 1400 to 1300 per week.  I am also to plan meatless meals 1-2 nights a week.
* add nuts & seeds (walnuts,almonds)
Next we focused on Shopping and making smart food choices.  She wants me to stay away from processed foods as much as possible, something I am already working on.  I am to use small dinner plates as much as possible, half of the plate should be protein.  1/4 veggies/fruit, 1/4 whole wheat.  But I cannot touch the carbs until I have eaten all the protein, then the that order.
Some foods to try this month:
Hummus & edamame
NSV'S for this week:
  • I was able to wear a pants to a function that I have not worn in over a year
  • I refused macNcheese & a gorgeous dinner roll while eating out
  • swam laps 4x
  • walked  2x
  • strength training 1x
  • yoga 1x
  • I logged all my foods
I anticipate no challenges for this upcoming as we prepare for our week of vacationing on the beach in Tampa. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Weigh-In post

Last Weeks Weight:  200.0                                    This Weeks Weight:  200.0

0 lb Loss!/Gain

I am not going to lie, I am disappointed I did not reach Onederland today.  I know I will get there, I will keep on keeping on until then.

I made some poor choices this week including pizza with the granddaughters & some chips @ a swim meet. I took sugary cold meds earlier in the week.  I'm sure it caused my weight stall. I'm starting to feel better now.

NSV's for the week:
I swam laps 3X
I did Yoga 1x
I added wonderful organic veggies to my diet
I chose sugar-free desserts
I saw a glimse of onederland Tuesday
I logged my foods 5/7 days

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kajun Smothered Okra with Tomatoes Recipe

Beautiful fresh okra & tomatoes are in abundance in our area right now.  They are inexpensive and are growing in just about every backyard this time of year.  Yesterday I made a huge batch of Smothered Okra, enough for supper and freeze for later.

I thought I would also include the added health benefits of Okra, it is truly a Super Vegetable !

Okra is low in calories. One cup of raw okra is only 31 calories,.  Okra is also high in calcium, fiber, vitamins C & K, protein, foliate, manganese and magnesium. They are rich in B-complex group of vitamins like niacin, vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine), thiamine and pantothenic acid.

Combine all that with the added benefits of tomatoes which are an excellent source of Vitamins A, B6 and C,  potassium & thiamine.  Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, powerful antioxidant that decreases the risk of certain cancers and heart disease.  This dish is a powerhouse of nutrients!



2 lg. tomatoes, chopped keeping all juice
4 cups chopped okra
1 med onion chopped
3 cloves garlic, minced
3 T extra virgin olive oil
1 6oz. can  tomato paste
1/2 t. fresh ground black pepper
1/2 t. thyme
1/4t. fresh rosemary
1-3 t cayenne
1 pound peeled shrimp (Optional)
*While This family recipe includes canned tomato paste, I have eliminated canned goods from our home.  I now can my own.

Sauté onions & garlic  a large cast iron or nonstick skillet with olive oil until onions are soft, stir frequently careful to prevent garlic from burning.

Add okra, tomatoes, tomato paste & all the remaining seasonings. 

Cover & cook  on low heat, stirring occasionally until the okra is soft slime seems to break down & disappear (about 15-20 minutes). 

**If your adding shrimp, stir in shrimp during last 5 minutes of cooking.  Cook till shrimp turn a nice pink color, do not overcook shrimp!


Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Weigh-in & The edge of Onederland

Last Weeks Weight:  202.0                                    This Weeks Weight:  200.0
2 lb Loss!

I was looking at my weight chart this morning, the last time I visited Onederland was August 2012 and it was a very short visit.  This time I am determined to take up permanent residence!

Here are my NSV's for this week.

  • I swam laps 4X
  • 1 walked 2 miles 2X
  • I did strength training 1X
  • 1 did my flexibility/yoga 1X
  • I ate fresh veggies/fruit every day!
  • I blogged 2X

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Farmers Market & Yummy Blueberry Pancakes

One of my strategies in maintaining  my Healthy Eating is to use more wholesome/organic ingredients in my traditional family recipes.  With a family of Cajun's, our recipes have been passed down through many generations but are not always the healthiest.  My ancestors didn't believe in waste, they truly cooked anything and not always with fat/calories in mind.   They were more concerned with feeding their family on limited incomes.  Now I try to reinvent those recipes to make them healthier.

Saturday our family visited two local farmers markets.   I purchased some fresh farm eggs and shelled peas from my favorite guy.

 Next week I plan to purchase goat's milk & cheese.  I've never tried goat's milk, so it will be a new experience :)
I also bought some plump juicey blueberries!
This morning for breakfast, I made a family favorite blueberry pancakes a bit healthier by replacing ingredients with fresher, organic choices.  I added some greek yogurt for added protein.

Kajun Gumbo's Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes

160 calories per serving, 10g protein (2 med pancakes)

Dry Ingredients: 
  • 1 cup Whole Wheat Flour
  • 1t baking powder
  • 1/2 t fresh cinnamon
  • 1/2 t nutmeg
 Wet Ingredients:
  • 1 fresh egg
  • 1/2 cup fresh/organic milk
  • 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt
  • 2 T extra Virgin Olive Oil
Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl.  Whisk all the wet ingredients in large (4cup or larger)  measuring cup then slowly stir in dry ingredients.  Fold in blueberries.  I usually get 6-7 med pancakes.  They refrigerate well.   Top with sprinkling of blueberries & warm maple syrup.  In Cajun county we love Cane Syrup, it's pure without additives but I have grown fond of Organic Maple Syrup so like them both.
I usually get 6-7 med pancakes. Top with sprinkling of blueberries & warm maple syrup YUM!


To save preparation time, I make extras of the dry & divide into bags with the wet ingredients written on outside.



Sunday, August 11, 2013

Why am at the beginning again?

When I started writing my blog 4 years ago, my goal was the same, but my reasons and the path I chose had some differences.  Back then I was struggling to maintain a career filled with men and women more than half my age and I wanted to look more attractive at work.

The path I chose was Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery.  Here is a reprint of that first post:

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My new life journey

On July 26, 2009, i turned 50! OMG, I hate thinking it, I hate saying it and I'm damn sure that I don't want to look it!

I have fought weight loss battles all my life. I have ridden the rollercoaster of losing weight.....gaining it back.....losing it again...and each time I promised myself that I would NOT gain it back because it was soooo difficult to lose it. I have had a tummy tuck and now I'm taking one more drastic step to avoid hereditary diabetes...............LAP-BAND

I have started a liquid protein diet Sept 1st in preparation for surgery Sept.l5th

Ten months later I had lost weight and began maintenance.  

I started having acid reflux issues with my Lap-Band and today I am very near the same weight I started with.    What happened?   The answer in a nutshell is I stopped.   I stopped caring about eating healthy.  I stopped being active.  I stopped blogging.  I stopped being accountable for my actions. 
For those considering Lap-Band, please don't be discouraged!  There are many patients who had wonderful results without any complications.  But I relied so heavily on my Lap-Band that I stopped taking responsibility for my own life.  The Lap-Band is just a tool to help you feel full on less food.  You still have to make good food choices and you still have to stay active!
My reasons for losing weight today have changed.  My Mother died from diabetes complications.  She smoked heavily, was sedentary and ate all the rich unhealthy Cajun food she could get her hands on.  She had her leg amputated and basically gave up on living afterwards.  My older sister has started down the exact same path.  She lives the same unhealthy lifestyle and had her leg amputated this year.
I am fighting for my life and my future with my children and Grandchildren.  The alternative to making these changes in my life is the same dead end road where my sister finds herself today.   Maybe the answer will be the Sleeve, maybe the answer will be healthy eating and activity.  Maybe it will be something I haven't tried or will do in addition to the changes I have started.   I will keep fighting for my future, whatever that will take.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Weigh-In, Keeping my eye on the prize

Last Weeks Weight:  201.5                                    This Weeks Weight:  202.0
.5 lb Gain!
I procrastinated today on writing this post.  I was discouraged because the scale showed a gain.  The truth is, I know exactly why.  I made several poor food choices this week and the scale will not hide it.  I had to remind myself again today that this is a lifestyle choice I intend to live with until I die.  My goal is to continue to strive to make healthy food choices and stay active to avoid diabetes.  While I do hope to see weightloss from my lifestyle, the scale is secondary to my goal of living healthy.
I am going to concentrate on healthy choices I made last week:
I swam laps 4X
I did strength training 1X
I had 1-2 servings of fresh veggies all 7 days
I ate fruit all 7 days
I am now careful to consume as much water as possible every day.
I have eliminated all canned foods (DHA) from my diet.
I ate fresh fish 2x
I now choose organic fat free milk instead of whole milk
My protein range was 60-80g each day
When I did eat carbs, I choose whole wheat...EVERY TIME!
I accomplished all these healthy choices even on busy stressful days when my grandchildren were visiting.
While the scale may not show it...I also made many good choices this week!  I will continue to this road to healthy living!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Weighin & some Air Supply

Last Weeks Weight:  203.0                                     This Weeks Weight:  201.5

1.5 lb Loss!

Blogging- Blogging has become so much fun again.  I've gotten some great tips, recipes & inspiration from all your blogs.  It feels so good to know others share in my goals to stay fit & live a healthier lifestyle.

Nutrition-I logged all my food this week.  Staying under the 1400 calories limit set by my dietitian has not been difficult, the exception being yesterday.  I made some very poor food choices yesterday.  I prepared myself mentally thinking Mr.Scale may not react too kindly to my high calories yesterday or the extra salt from those choices.  We are eating plenty fish and I do not feel deprived at all.

 FRI : 1056 SAT: 1184 SUN: 1453 MON: 1282 TUE: 1388 WED: 1322 THU: 2006

Exercise - I Swam Laps 2X , strength training  1X & added Flexibility 1X

Water - I continue to do well with my water but I need to work harder at tracking it.

My Life- This week was filled with wonderful things.  Friday was my birthday & Hubby bought me a beautiful lawn swing I had been requesting. 

 I love sitting on it in the evening to reflect on life.  He also treated me to dinner at a great restaurant (I had yummy stuffed flounder).  Afterwards he surprised me with tickets to see Air Supply!! 

WOW did their songs bring back so many sweet memories of my youth! 

Yesterday I brought the granddaughters back to school shopping.  We will do a little more today and then see the Smurfs movie.  My daughter will pick them up on Saturday and we can stick a fork in their summer break for this year.  I do not expect any obstacles or bumps in my road to healthy this week.  I hope the scale agrees with me next time :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Weigh-In

Last Weeks Weight:  203.0                                     This Weeks Weight:  203.0

No Gain/Loss!

Blogging- Blogging is beginning to become a part of my life again.  Putting my SV and NSV's in black and white for myself keeps me accountable.  This week I plan to add a scale to the top of  my blog again to keep me aware of my goals.

Nutrition-I logged all my food this week.   1500 calories was very easy to keep, dropping to 1400 per my Dietitian's advise will be my goal this coming week.  My veggies seem to be lagging so I will pay more attention to that area.

 FRI : 1227SAT: 1472 SUN: 993 MON: 1127 TUE: 1499 WED: 1360 THU: 1574

Exercise - I walked 1X, Swam Laps 4X but missed strength training.  ST will be a priority this week.

Water -Water is doing good, although I need to focus on logging it this week

My Life-I lost much of my MOJO this week.  Watched too many video's and need to really kick but around my house this coming week.  No grandkids to blame it on, although I did dog sit this week. 

My focus for this coming week!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dietitian Consultation #2 of 4 (Flexibility)

Today was my second Dietitian Consult with Melissa.  I provided her with printout of my food log from myfitnesspal.  I expressed my feelings that 1500 calories was high for me.  Most days I did not reach it.  It was far more than I am used to eating during my lapband days.  She agreed that I should lower my daily caloric intake to 1400 per day.   She also asked me to keep focusing on high protein choices each day.

Next we talked about my exercise plan.  Melissa said my swimming has been doing great things for my muscles.  She advised me to continue to do strength training 1-2 times a week and to add a day of either Pilates or yoga for flexibility. She told me I could look for YouTube videos to try at home if I didn't want to jump into a full blown class right away.  So increasing my  flexibility is to be my focus over the next month!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week 12- Not a good week for me

Last Weeks Weight:  205.0                                    This Weeks Weight:  203.5

1.5 Loss!

Blogging- I missed my Friday post last Friday, it was a busy week with my Granddaughters.  Honestly, I have no excuse.  All I can do is try to do better.

Nutrition-This week was not the best for me nutritionally speaking.  I haven't eaten enough veggies and had way too much carbs. 

Exercise - I walked, Swam Laps  and I missed my strength training, not because I was busy, I just laid around all day and didn't get there.

Water - I did ok with my water but need to do better.

My Life- I had appt with my surgeon Wednesday.  He wants to add more protein shakes to my diet.  I am getting enough protein right now from foods but, that will change once I do bypass.  I had a serious carb binge yesterday, my day is so much worse when I start with Carbs at breakfast :(

Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday weigh-in

Last Weeks Weight:  205.5                                       This Weeks Weight:  205.0

.5 Loss!

Blogging- I did very well with my blogging this week.  I didn't post everyday, but I did better than usual.  Posting on my blog is becoming fun again.

Nutrition-I logged all my food this week.  The challenge for me was logging poor choices.  I find that increasing my calorie intake from 1200 to 1500 seemed like too much food.  I honestly feel its impossible for me to lose eating that much calories.  That said, I am trying to follow my dietitian recommendations as much as possible.  I have been really watching my protein, adding a couple of protein shakes when it was low.  My most difficult  day was Tuesday when we ate crabs.  I made adjustments in my meals in preparation for eating them but they just have so many calories :(

 FRI : -56 SAT: -410 SUN: -314 MON-69  :TUE:+523 WED: +36 THU: -52

Exercise - I walked 3X, Swam Laps 4X and did strength training  1X

Water - I did very well with my water this week, not perfect, but very close to perfect.

My Life- This week seemed to fly by even though we did not have the grandkids.  I spent some much needed quality time with Hubby.  Had a date night 4th of July, went to see The Heat, very funny movie and then went to beach to watch the firework shows.  We had to leave early because the went was blowing making the sand sting.  It was a good week.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Swimming & Delicious Sweet Corn

My Sunday was a busy day.  Hubby and I swam laps in the pool for 30 minutes.  My strokes are getting better and I slowly increasing my total laps each day.    Afterwards we bought 20 ears of fresh corn for $4.

Freezing corn is going to help my efforts to eat cleaner.  Canned veggies have so much sodium and contaminated with PBA.  Eliminating PBA is a challenge because it is in so many products, but I am making the effort to reduce our exposure.  When I was a working Mother, I barely had time to open a can & heat it, much less provide fresh produce to my family.  Now that I'm retired....I am making it a priority.

Hubby removed the husks from the corn and I saved some of best corn husks to use later to make some healthy chicken tamales. 


I blanched them in boiling water and immediately transferred them into a bowl of ice water.

Next, Hubby helped me cut the kernels for freezing. 
Look how much sweet delicious corn we got from just 20 ears! NO SODIUM, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO BPA EXPOSURE, NO INGREDIENTS WE CAN'T PRONOUNCE. 
Just delicious sweet corn, yummmmy! 


Sunday, June 30, 2013

Canning Peaches

Yesterday I canned my very first peach preserves, I am so proud!

I bought two dozen beautiful Georgia peaches.

Next I blanched them by filling a large pot with water an bringing to a rolling boil.  Dropping my peaches (8 medium at a time) into the water for 60-80 seconds.

I immediately put them into a bowl of ice water to cool.  This step process also made the peeling practically slip off.
 Then a removed the cored & removed the pit and smashed them up with a potato masher.  Into my jelly maker machine they went.  I will admit my jelly machine was expensive but it was my Christmas gift.
I canned using two recipes, one with sugar, one with raw honey.  I also added a touch of Mexican vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon (we love some cinny on everything!)

I hope that canning will become easier as I become more familiar with it.  Next, I hope to freeze some fresh corn I bought.  I will report on it afterwards

Saturday, June 29, 2013

My First Dietitian Consultation (#1 of 4 ) & Accountability

I have been on various diets and fitness programs my entire adult life.  To be honest, I feel like I know in my brain what is healthy and what is not.  So when my doctor ordered private consultations with a dietitian, I immediately had visions of those consults with diet pill doctors & Jenny Craig's "consultants" (they were just skinny women wearing white coats).  Don't get me wrong...some of the ladies I had during my Jenny Craig days were very nice, but they were not educated professionals.

When I arrived for my appointment with Melissa, my Dietitian.  I was sitting there rolling my eyes, waiting to be judged by some super thin model type with judgmental expressions.  I am glad to report I was wrong.  Melissa is a gem!  She is friendly, super busy and really loves her job.  When she is not consulting clients, she is head of food service at the small surgery center where her office is located.  The surgery center handles a great deal of WLS patients so she is experienced with our unique issues,  as well as those who are dieting alone.

This first visit lasted an hour, we talked about my failed weigh loss long I followed it, how much weight did I lose, how long was I able to maintain and why I think I stopped.  Then we talked about my band and all the complications I have had.   She asked me to describe what my typical day of eating was like, how often we eat out and where.  No judgments, just encouraging smiles from Melissa.

She told me I was already doing some of the basic things like food journaling & increasing my water intake.  But the thing that stood out the most was my lack of protein.  I have been eating too much carbs (not a surprise) and not nearly enough protein.  Ok, I should know to eat my protein first, it was pounded into my brain when I was banded, but I had fallen into my old eating habits. So it's back to basics for me.

She suggested a 1300-1500 calorie/high fiber/Diabetic Cardiac meal plan (due to family history)

I need to keep my protein in the 50-70g range and she wants me to include protein in every meal including snacks.  She also asked me to replace the carbs with whole wheat alternatives, which I already do at home, except for pasta.  The challenge for me is making whole wheat choices when eating out....I lack the willpower :-/

We then discussed protein supplements.  I did protein shakes in the beginning when I was banded, but had gradually stopped.  She told me about some new choices on the market.  There was no sales pitch with any particular products, she just talked about likes/dislikes from her other clients.  A couple of them didn't sound half bad, so I plan to give them a try.  Now that I have no fluid in my band, I hope to eat enough protein so supplements won't be required.  Once I am sleeved, I don't know if it will be possible to eat that much food...hence I need to start experimenting with supplements again.

We also talked about exercise briefly.  Mostly, the increased risk of bone/muscle loss in WLS patients.  She wants me to add at least one strength training session per week.

Bottom line:  My doctor ordered 4 consults, I'm not sure if that's all insurance will pay for...or if he will order more when I'm done.  I am very glad that I went, I already knew much of the things we talked about.  But, I think I needed the reinforcement.  Melissa asked that I print out a report of my foodlog from fitnesspal so we can review it during my second appointment.  Say What?? My brain screamed ACCOUNTABILITY !  Everything that goes into my mouth will be scrutinized, I hoping for some positive feedback on my next appointment.  I think it's going to be very nice to have someone to discuss my nutrition choices with!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday weighin post -Week 10

Last Weeks Weight:  204.0                                        This Weeks Weight:  205.5

1.5 Gain!

Blogging- I blew it this past week in all areas with the exception of this blog post.  I didn't make a life post during the week because it has just been so crazy this week.  But I am picking my butt off the floor, dusting myself off and starting with a clean slate beginning today with this post.

Nutrition-I completely ignored my food journal this past week.  That never happens when I am eating clean.  Suffice to say I binged on processed non healthy foods the entire week.  I ate fast food 2-3 times.


Exercise - none

Water - hardly worth mentioning, WILL COUNT THEM THIS WEEK!

My Life- This week started off nice & relaxed with Hubby & I sitting on the beach Sunday evening watching the sunset...
Shaggy's @ PassChristian MS

Monday evening my granddaughters came to stay for the week, it was so busy it seemed to fly by in a blur. 

Monday evening & Tuesday morning were swimteam practice:
 Tuesday evening was their final swim meet.  Both my girls did outsanding.  I am so very proud of both of their accomplishments this summer!
 Wednesday we went to see Monsters University, which both the girls loved.  My little one's birthday is this month and she wants all the MonsterU toys. 
P.S: In a final note, I have my first dietician appointment this afternoon.  This is my first visit to one.  I really hope she will help me in my desire to live and eat cleaner.  I have high hopes that she will be a big help.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Weighin - Week 9

Last Weeks Weight: 206.5                                           This Weeks Weight:  204.0

2.5 loss!

Blogging- While I haven't blogged everyday, I did one extra post this week.  The blogging bug is taking hold again so I will continue to keep posting.  This is my 3rd Friday weighin since I had my band unfilled and began my journey to the sleeve.

Nutrition-I lagged on my food journaling this week.  Of course it was on days where I made poor food choices.  My veggie consumption this week was poor and my sugar very high.  My food choices were no driven by my usual boredom this week but from poor planning.. Not having enough healthy choices on hand during the hectic week of swimteam season with the grandkids.

 FRI : +XXX SAT:-120  SUN:+122   MON+60 :TUE+357 :WED+275:THU: +597

Exercise - Swimming 4x

Water - I have done better with water this week, haven't drank any sodas.  While I did drink some PowerAde at a swim meet.

My Life- Life has been hectic this week.  Running behind the grandkids all week for swim practice/meets.  I saw my surgeon on Wednesday, he said I need another psychic eval.  When I did this for my band, it consisted of a question/answer packet in their office.  This time I have to see an actual shrink.  I am nervous about it because I don't like having recorded doctor visits about my mental problems.  I mean who doesn't?  Most of mine have to do with the transition to retirement and finding my life path....

Last week I made the decision to start wearing lipstick and perfume every single day.  When I worked, each morning I would eat breakfast...brush my makeup.  Since I retired, I all but quit the makeup.  I do realize that 90% of the time, no one will ever see it.  I mean I don't have much social interaction (another area to work on).  But does that mean I should feel pretty to myself?  I'm over 50, what am I saving my perfume for?   Anyway, I have done fairly well this week.  The main hurdle this week is swimming.  By the time we get back from the pool its nearly lunch before I have showered and dressed.  But I am making the effort!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sugar-Free Lemon Pie recipe, so refreshing!

We live on the beautiful Gulf Coast in a beautiful city with access to pools, tennis, golf & the friendliest neighbors ever!  We are a stones throw away from fishing, casinos, waterparks and love all of it!  We have 2 daughters, 1 son, 3 beautiful grand-daughters and 3 soon-to-be stepsons.  God has truly blessed us in the family department.

I have all this and yet the only thing I ever blog about is my weight.  I agree that my Friday weigh-ins are important to keep me committed to my healthy lifestyle.  Today it dawned on me that perhaps I need to give equal attention to other parts of my, beginning today this blog will be about so much more than dieting.  I will totally understand if my fellow WLS bloggers want to skip over these posts.  This blog is about me and what makes me happy and gives my life meaning.

Father's Day Breakfast @ Cracker Barrel

Father's Day was yesterday and we all treated Hubby like the king he is. He is truly a wonderful man and Father.   We started the day swimming laps for 30 minutes.  Afterwards, we met our Son, DIL & grandsons-to-be at Cracker Barrel and had a great time.  Our daughters were off doing Fathers day with their DH's and kids.  The rest of the day, I tried really hard to let Hubby do his own thing.  He spent the day doing his two favorite things watching baseball and horseracing. 
I fertilized our garden with some miracle grow.  We have not had much luck with our garden this year, I think we may have planted too late.  I am trying everything I can to get the plants to show some growth.

Dinner was delicious baked blackened catfish with fresh zucchini and carrots.  For dessert I made a sugar/fat free lemon pie.  Its so easy to make and no baking, here is the recipe:

Lemon icebox pie
1 reduced fat graham cracker pie shell
1 box  fat/sugar free lemon pudding
1 lemon
1-3/4 cups skim/fat free milk
1 tube/pk crystal light lemonade mix (pk that makes 2Qt pitcher full)
1 8oz Sugar Free Cool Whip-thawed
Combine the lemonade mix and pudding in a medium sized bowl with a whisk.  Slowly add the milk & juice from lemon while whisking.  Fold in thawed Cool Whip and mix until its fluffy.  Pour into pie shell and refrigerate about an hour.  OMG is so good !