Wednesday, October 12, 2011

An OK day

Today is a beautiful warm day. The good part.... my hubby & I walked 2.5 miles on a nearby bridge, the views were fantastic. Water intake was good .

The not so good was 2 pieces of fried alligator for lunch with several bites of dessert. The boiled shrimp was good ;-)

Took nexium for heartburn when I got home, not sure what caused it this time :(


  1. Dee, I'm sorry you're struggling! All I can say is maybe the 6 month supervised diet and potential revision to the sleeve is a good solution if you find that nothing else will work...
    I wish I had something more constructive to say... it is all a big decision, and I feel the heaviness (no pun intended) of your post. Please keep on posting... xoxo

  2. One day at a time...My band was totally unfilled for 6 months before I had my VSG surgery....I didn't lose anything but I also didnt gain...which was my biggest concern. I pretended my band was full and I limited the amounts of what I was eating. I know its hard but you can do it with or without your band! You have come so far on this journey. Hang on!


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