Thursday, October 13, 2011

A good one

Today was my final physical therapy visit for my knee. After PT, lunch was tuna with wheat crackers. Supper was a small salad with a couple spoons of chicken salad mixed in.

After supper my hubby & I walked for an hour around our neighborhood. It was nice.

The good....water
The bad.....small bowl banana fosters ice cream ;)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

An OK day

Today is a beautiful warm day. The good part.... my hubby & I walked 2.5 miles on a nearby bridge, the views were fantastic. Water intake was good .

The not so good was 2 pieces of fried alligator for lunch with several bites of dessert. The boiled shrimp was good ;-)

Took nexium for heartburn when I got home, not sure what caused it this time :(

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

alone again

I am pretty much on my own again in my quest for a healthier me.  I can no longer tolerate fills so what I have now is pretty much it.   I have not been getting much love from my band in almost a year.  My surgeon wants to remove it all together due to my reflux problems.  So its time for me to face life without the band.  Revision surgery to the sleeve is an option but, I don't wish to self pay and insurance would require removing my band, gaining back all my previous weight and then a 6 month supervised diet.

While my first instinct was to reject my surgeons offer.....the truth is I am slowing gaining all my weightloss back anyway.  If I could lose weight without my band, I wouldn't have gotten it in the first place.  I am trying....I really am.  I walk 3-4 days a week for 60 minutes, I do resistance training on my knee twice a week.  I just cannot do this on my own.

I have decided to have the band removed and do the supervised diet.  Hell I'm dieting anyway and if left on my own, without a doubt,  I will be back where I started anyway.  I started this journey with the band for health reasons, I already have high blood pressure, diabetes runs rampant in my family.  It is so scary to think about going through another surgery :(