Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pause,Reflect. Replan

Todays Weight:  176

I have taken a wrong turn off my roadmap to a healthier lifestyle.

I stopped blogging, stopped logging and all around STOPPED everything. 

My life has changed directions in many ways since I started this journey.  I retired from my job, my daughter & granddaughters have moved on their own and for the first time since I was a kid, I have no boundaries, no rules, no structure in my life.  There is no alarm clock, no boss, no rush hour to beat.  All good things but I didn't prepare myself for this newfound freedom, I didn't make a plan.

So this morning is about making a rough draft.  After working my entire adult life, the one thing I DO NOT plan to do, is alarm setting, my alarm clock was permanently trashed on my retirement day and will NOT be returning.  So I can only make rough drafts for mornings, because I wake up....when I wake up..period.

My very basic plan includes accountability and awareness.  Blogging is important in this area because it keeps my aware and focused.  Each day Iwill report these areas on blog:

HEALTHY EATING/CALORIES (<1000 works best for me)

These are minimal goals for now which I will change as time goes on.

As for today, My youngest granddaughter is having her birthday party today and it will involve pizza, planning here is crucial.  Pizza has always been a "red light" food for me.  In my unhealthy days, I could eat 1/2 pizza before without taking a breath. My main plan is to keep a bottle of water in my hand constantly and to concentrate on the socializing (hard to stuff food in your mouth if I'm talking!)

How do you handle kiddie functions ?

Wish me luck!

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