Monday, August 8, 2011

On the health life road..

I awoke this morning with a renewed determination to get back on the path to my healthier lifestyle.  My band and I are at a standoff at the moment.  I am definitely not in the green zone, but the last few attempts at fills ended with reflux and subsequent unfills.  If this is as much help as I will get from my band then I will have to live with that, but I will be disappointed.  I have had everything checked and there is nothing  amiss as far as band placement and functioning.  I have an appointment tomorrow to try the tiniest of fills (.1) to give me some hunger relief, but this will be the LAST attempt.  If I end up with another unfill, I will raise the white flag and work with what I have, which is better than no help at all.

  After my morning cup of Jo and a bottle of water, I headed to the pool.  Afterwards, I came home, drank another bottle of water and headed to the gym to do some weight training.  A good start for the day/

HYDRATION: My goal is 64 oz per day, I am 1/3 way already, this goal will be met

HEALTHY EATING/CALORIES:  My goal is <1000 calories & at least one fruit per day.

Breakfast: greek yogurt, 1/8 t honey,1/2 banana, handful blueberries

Snack: Isopure Alpine Punch drink

Lunch:  V8 Vegetable Garden Soup

Snack: cereal/2% milk, 1 sl whole wheat bread, peanut butter

Dinner: Brown rice w/zucchini & shrimp in homegrown tomato sauce, 1 glass white wine

FITNESS:  My goal is at least 3x week strength training, one hour of physical ativity per day

Swimming laps: 45 mins
Strength Training: legs

MY TIME:  My goal is at least an hour a day of alone/my time.  Anything Goes, but I hope to get in some reading/gardening/chick flick time here

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