Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back to the basics...

As I write this new post, I am feeling very deflated.  When I was banded in Sept 2009, I thought my "dieting" days were gone.  No more weighing, counting etc. etc.  Today's reality doesn't believe that dream and there is no such easy road in my present or future for that matter.

I have not been in that "green zone" in 9 months.  For those who are not familiar with lap bands, it means your fills are such that you do not feel hunger/snack between meals and you are full with approximately one cup of food.  Every time I get the smallest of fills, reflux and night coughs send me back to my doctor's to have it removed.  I have had every test, there is nothing wrong with the band.  I had a fill appointment today with my very favorite NP.  She listens and I believe she truly cares for her patients.  We have become quite close.  I expressed my discontent and frustration for the band and my wish that I had chosen either bypass or the sleeve.  Her response was that she no longer recommends the band to patients, in fact, she works very hard to steer new patients away from it.  The number of her patients who are experiencing the same as I is too high.  When the lapband is working correctly, it is a miracle, keeping it adjusted properly is similar to walking a tightrope for me.

She gave me the smallest of fill I requested, .4cc.  I have made the personal decision that if I experience the reflux or other complications which cause me to have another unfill.  I'm done.  No more office visits, no more adjustments, I will live with what I have. 

I am now back to basics.  Of course, If I had success with any of my pre-band diets, it was always short lived.  My goal here is stay on the path to healthy choices.  Fresh vegetables and fruit, more fish, low carb-high proteins.  Back to basics will also means measuring and keeping a food log again, something I never thought I would have to do after the lapband.

HYDRATION: 60 oz so far

HEALTHY EATING/CALORIES: My goal is <1000 calories & at least one fruit per day.

Breakfast: mushroom/reduced fat cheese omelet w/turkey bacon

Snack: Isopure Alpine Punch drink

Lunch:  prescriptfit choc protein shake, w 1t peanut butter

Snack: None

Dinner: mushie kidney beans/w brown rice

FITNESS: My goal is at least 3x week strength training, one hour of physical activity per day

None yet, but I do plan to walk about Supper

MY TIME: My goal is at least an hour a day of alone/my time.  Spent crying on my NP shoulder today ;)


  1. Dee, sorry you have had so much trouble with reflux and getting your fill right. I know it can be infuriating and so depressing. Let's face it, the band is only a miracle when it is in exactly the right spot, and that right spot can be so hard to find and keep. You do sound like you have a good plan. I could never do 1000 cals with working out - would it help to make your calorie goal slightly higher? I mean easier to stick to your plan and not get discouraged?

    Wishing you all the best. Great to hear from you. :)

  2. Hi KajunDee! My BFF is a true blue Cajun too! :) I saw your comment on my blog so I wanted to come check you out.

    I haven't had a chace to read much, so I don't konw much about you yet. I do know that I'm sorry you are having so much trouble. That really stinks.

    I also know that I don't know of too many people who are really successful at losing weight banded or not (at least for long) without tracking something. Losing weight takes effort which totally sucks, but there is no way around it for most people.

    I think your plan sounds great! I'm a sucker for a plan. :) And you have found a good place out here. There are all sorts of people in various situations with their Band. And there are a lot of awesome non-banded bloggers to learn from as well. There is a whole lot of support out here!!

    Nice to meet you! :)

  3. I tried to leave a comment earlier, but I guess I wasn't successful. Anyhoo, it is nice to meet you and I'm glad to be following you.

    One thing that has been on my mind lately is that weighloss is hard, banded or not. It seems to me that banded peeps like us have to do exactly the same thing as non-banded people would do to lose weight, we just have a little tool to help us curb some of the hunger.

    Very few people can lose all (or even most) of their excess weight without the other "normal" tools of diet, i.e. tracking, exercise, etc. Your plan sounds great. I'm a sucker for a plan!

    Try not to get too frustrated. You have a whole blogosphere out here full of resources!!

  4. Your situation is exactly what I was experiencing with my band. I seemed to be unfilled more than I was filled and finally got so fed up that I had the band removed and revised to the sleeve. Best decision I ever made. My body was too sensitive to the band and would swell when the restriction increased, leading to reflux and unfills.

    I wish you luck with this fill Dee and sorry you are experiencing this too.

  5. Glad to see you again-- you know, the hardest thing to do is get back on track with your blogging and 'being accountable' when you've gotten off the track. But you're there-- and you can do this.
    I am so sorry the band has been a torture device for you.. Have you considered talking to your surgeon about a revision to VSG?
    I'm not saying that you're a failure at all-- just that I hate to hear of you suffering... that just sucks.
    Anyway: PLEASE keep posting, I missed ya!


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