Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding & reflux

Set the alarm and DVR (backup), made tea and sat back to soak in all the romance of the Royal Wedding completely alone as the rest of the family slept.  Well, most of it at least.  The girls awoke just in time to see Kate walk the aisle and the vows before heading off to school.  My two girls were so excited to see a live Prince :)

Reflux~I don't recall any coughing last night or reflux pain, hopefully that last unfill did some good.

Happy TGIF everyone!


  1. I hope everything is OK with your band, Dee.... keep us posted.

  2. Glad you're feeling better!!

    I thought the wedding was beautiful!!

  3. Oh Dee...I know how you feel with the Acid Reflux. It seems like there are quite a few of us lately that are having the same problems....

    How did your Upper GI go last Tuesday??? Mine showed that my Band was so tight that even the crap I had to drink could barely go through! So since I had an Unfill, I am much better!! Hope you feel better soon too!!!


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