Monday, February 7, 2011

Mtce & Vacation

This morning, Mr. Scale showed 161.5, -1lb loss from last week. After last week's post, I made a fill appointment only to cancel it at the last minute. I am so afraid of aggravating my reflux since it has been better lately.

I had a routine colonoscopy this morning. Drinking all that prep was quite a challenge with my band. I am not able to chug water like I could before my banding. Seemed like it took me forever to drink that vile stuff. Everything went well and thankfully I will not have to repeat it for several years.

Fitness~~This week I really did a mix of activities. Zumba Wii 2x, Yoga Wii once, Pilates class @ the gym along with elliptical & treadmill. Still only made it to the gym only one day. I will work to increase my gym visits this week.

Healthy Eating~~One of the advantages of logging my foods, is my ability to review my strength & weaknesses. This week I had 5 servings of fruit including 3 svgs of raisins. I still need to continue making a conscious effort to include fruits & veggies each day. Adding extra berries/apples to my oatmeal is helping.

Water~~ water intake was good this week.

Reflux~~ not so bad this week. I actually slept well most nights & without a mountain of pillows !

In 10 days, Hubby and I will be going on a little trip to Vegas, I need a get-away. We have been there many times. There are several things on our must see for this trip, first up for me will be a spa day, completely with a deep tissue massage and peppermint foot rub. I would love to first their new Mob Museum if it is open, I'm not sure if its open yet. Also, I have never seen the Blue Man group so we added that to our list.

Goals for this week

Zumba 2x
Gym 2x
at least one outdoors activity
Minimum 1 fruit each day


  1. I didn't have any desire to see Blue Man Group, but my husband did so we saw them at Universal. I really enjoyed the show. It was a lot of fun and you walk out feeling really energized. I am so jealous that you get to go to Vegas. I've been twice and can't wait to get back.

  2. oooh Vegas! Sounds like fun - make sure you take your cutie little black dress you look so awesome in!

    I love fruit - that is a good goal. We make a lot of smoothies here, even in the winter. They are just so dang good and easy.

  3. The Blue Man Group freaks me out! Something about the whites of the eyes against the blue skin *shivers* Sounds like it'll be a fun trip!


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