Monday, January 31, 2011

Mtce Weighin & reflux-fill?

Although Mr.Scale fluctuated up and down thoughout the week, this morning Mr Scale showed 162.5, indicating no change for this week.  I have felt for over 2 months now that I need a tiny fill.  I'm hungry more often than I should be and I am not staying full very long.  I'm talking real honest to goodness hunger!   I am reluctant to get one however, due to my past reflux problems.  It is so frustrating to know that I need this adjustment but the fear of reflux is keeping me from getting it.  I have read the blogs of successful banders like The Sweet Spot who says that having to take reflux medicine is an inconvenience she is willing to live with.  Also, I read a response to one of Gen's posts by Lap Band Gal who replied "I don't depend on my band to keep my food choices in check, my brain does that".  She is a Superstar Bandster, her weightloss is consistent and appears she has her head in the game.  For me, I still stumble regularly when it comes to food and it is something I continue to work on.  I do know the hunger is not helping, If I could lose weight while fighting hunger, I wouldn't have needed my band.  Perhaps I will begin blogging more often again to see if it helps.

Fitness~~I did Zumba Wii once, Pilate's/Elliptical one day and did yard/garden work one day.  There is definitely room for improvement here. 

Healthy eating~~I started working on my backyard garden this week.  This is part of my ongoing attempt to eating cleaner.  I planted strawberry-blueberry-blackberry-raspberry bushes in one bed.  The other bed will hold summer veggies.  As for my eating report from last week, I had two days over my caloric limit, 1674 & 1362.  Reviewing my food log, I can see that my extra calories on both days were from junk/snack eating.  Where is my willpower?  I had fruit 6 of 7 days, adding extra fruit to my morning oatmeal has definitely helped my weekly fruit count and also allows me to add milk to my diet.

Water~~I had good improvement in my water intake this week.  One thing I did was to keep a water glass handy as much as possible, reminding me to drink!

Carbs~~I ate far too much "bad" (white)  carbs this week.  Needs improvement.

Reflux ~night coughs, but not wet/gurgling coughs that I remember having before.  This is a dry cough, but zantac seems to calm it, but it days take time.  I cannot remember that last time I had an uninterrupted nights sleep :(

Goals for my week

Zumba wii 2x
Gym 3x
limit white carbs


  1. Thanks for the shout out...unfortunately, my brain doesn't work correctly all the time and I end up eating an entire bag of chocolate covered cherries in one sitting (this weekend!). YIKES! Congrats on maintaining...your accountability and numbers are inspiring :)

  2. I struggle with the same things...I lean towards putting up with the reflux to a point. So far I can control it if I manage to stop eating before 8 or 9 ish. Now when I don't..well that is different all together.

    Glad you are sticking at goal...I hope both our goal weights prove stickable.


  3. Don't be so hard on yourself! Appreciate your successes (gardening is a good thing- eating fresh foods is better than store-bought) and the times that you did exercise is better than none at all. Also great job on the water intake! Keep at it, and reconsider the fill- the hunger really is something that the band was created to control, am I wrong?

  4. With all do respect to Gen, if I could count on my brain for food choices, I wouldn't have needed the band. It must be tough to weight the pros and cons of getting a fill when you have reflux issues. Sorry you are in such a tough spot.


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