Monday, January 3, 2011

Just Keep on Keepin' On !

Today is my first weekly weighin of the year and Mr. Scale says 160.5, -1lb from last week.  I am seeing some 1-2lb fluctuations in my weight as I try to navigate living in Maintenanceville.

Healthy Eating ~ I am still trying to concentrate on eating cleaner with less processed foods.  I am incorporating some dietary changes slowly because of my fear of regains.  For instance, I have given up all margarine/butter substitutes for plain unsalted butter.  I've cut down to only one cup of coffee per day to reduce caffeine and I am replacing the sugar with honey.  I plan to let these changes settle into my lifestyle and hopefully move on to other changes.

Fitness ~ Santa brought me the Zumba Wii.  Here is my critique:  Bear in mind that I have never taken a class in Zumba, there is simply not a class convenient to me yet.  It includes a belt that holds the Wii remote as you move so that the Wii can detect your movements.  For me the best part has been the Step Tutorial, I like being able to repeat the instructions until I feel I have mastered a step.  There is a separate Tutorial for each step.  There is a selection of Zumba Party or Zumba Class and I love the music!  So far it has been a great addition to my walking and I do not seem to be having any knee problems so far.  I find my cross-trainers are not very compatible with the dancing steps, I am considering getting dance shoes.

Band info~ I am still having the reflux issue.  I have very little restriction right now so I do not think that it is caused by my band being too tight.  I am trying really hard to change my lifestyle so that if my band should need to be removed due to complications, I can still maintain my weight.  I often wonder if any of my fellow BOOBS worry about band removal?  Sally,  who is such a huge inspiration to me in this journey, had to endure band removal and it is my biggest fear.  Who really knows how long the band really lasts?  My doctor has never been very optimistic that it is a long term solution, he constantly reminds me that lifestyle changes are crucial in keeping the weight off.


  1. I don't really use my band, it was not a tool that worked for me (read: I didn't work it either). So basically I am dieting alone. Occasionally it slows me down, but I still eat the same smaller portions that I would have had I been using the band. So don't worry, I'm sure you can maintain if you need to have it removed.

    Polar's Mom

  2. I don't know much about the band - I am learning through you tho'! :) And I would think that you should have a few years, right? I would hope and perhaps that will be time in which to make the lifestyle changes. You're doing great.


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