Friday, January 7, 2011

Just had to share....

This beautiful day God blessed me with today.....


  1. The footprints are interesting tho' - look at them. No one walked towards the beach. hee

    Very pretty.

  2. This is so pretty! What a beautiful place.

    Thanks for your comment - I was overfilled at Thanksgiving and it was AWFUL. I will never do that again. Ugh. I spent all of Thanksgiving weekend not being able to eat more than a few sips of this or that. I think I was just having trouble that day because all I wanted to do was eat. ALL DAY. But I think it was just that time of the month. Thursday and Friday were MUCH better :)

  3. Gorgeous is right. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. So breathtaking. Glad you took the time to photograph and enjoy it!! YOu just reminded me that I need to do my 'grateful' journal today.


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