Thursday, December 22, 2011

and here I am again

When I had lapband surgery Sept 2009 I weighed 209.5 lbs, at my lowest weight following the surgery I got down to 157lbs.  Today here I sit back at 187.5 lbs.  Since I no longer have the help of the lapband, I need to find another way to get back on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

What went wrong?  First off, I think I let myself get over confident when I had the band.  I believed that I was doing the work when it seems it really was the band. Secondly, I have quit all exercising, which led me to the usual depression that snowballed into a year long binge.

With a New Year coming, I it is time for me to make a new plan.  I am 52 years old now, not interested in getting model skinny, just healthy and stronger.

Blogging was a big part of my weightloss success with the band, I hope it will help me now without it.  I am going to start each week with a new step.

The first step is going to be simple...As of today, I will drink 8+ glasses of water, I will track it  and I will post to my blog each day.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A good one

Today was my final physical therapy visit for my knee. After PT, lunch was tuna with wheat crackers. Supper was a small salad with a couple spoons of chicken salad mixed in.

After supper my hubby & I walked for an hour around our neighborhood. It was nice.

The good....water
The bad.....small bowl banana fosters ice cream ;)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

An OK day

Today is a beautiful warm day. The good part.... my hubby & I walked 2.5 miles on a nearby bridge, the views were fantastic. Water intake was good .

The not so good was 2 pieces of fried alligator for lunch with several bites of dessert. The boiled shrimp was good ;-)

Took nexium for heartburn when I got home, not sure what caused it this time :(

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

alone again

I am pretty much on my own again in my quest for a healthier me.  I can no longer tolerate fills so what I have now is pretty much it.   I have not been getting much love from my band in almost a year.  My surgeon wants to remove it all together due to my reflux problems.  So its time for me to face life without the band.  Revision surgery to the sleeve is an option but, I don't wish to self pay and insurance would require removing my band, gaining back all my previous weight and then a 6 month supervised diet.

While my first instinct was to reject my surgeons offer.....the truth is I am slowing gaining all my weightloss back anyway.  If I could lose weight without my band, I wouldn't have gotten it in the first place.  I am trying....I really am.  I walk 3-4 days a week for 60 minutes, I do resistance training on my knee twice a week.  I just cannot do this on my own.

I have decided to have the band removed and do the supervised diet.  Hell I'm dieting anyway and if left on my own, without a doubt,  I will be back where I started anyway.  I started this journey with the band for health reasons, I already have high blood pressure, diabetes runs rampant in my family.  It is so scary to think about going through another surgery :(

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thank you everyone!

Yesterday, I was as discouraged  as I have ever been in this journey.  I poured out my heart in my post and all of your words of encouragement were very uplifting.  I am trying very hard to baby this new fill.  While my doctor has never given any specific post fill requirements, I am going to go very VERY slow starting today.  This morning was my smaller than usual cup of Jo, followed by a protein shake.  Lunch will be the same.  Tonight I will try a mushie.  I will eat supper earlier than usual to give as much time as possible before bed.  I have Tums and Nexium handy and will use at the first sign of reflux.  So far all I feel is pleasant restriction, ahhhhhh!

Several bloggers suggested revision to the Sleeve and believe me, if it were possible I would have done so already.  Unfortunately, I have lost enough weight with the band that I no longer qualify for WLS with my insurance company.  Since I am now retired, the finances are not there for self-pay.  Sooooo, it is what it is.  Whatever I can get out of my band is all there will be.

Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!  My Hubby has been very supportive of my weightloss efforts, but he has not been banded and I get that look from him occasionally that says maybe I should give up on fills/unfills and just do it the "his" way.  He has so much willpower!

HYDRATION: 20 oz so far

HEALTHY EATING/CALORIES: My goal is <1000 calories & at least one fruit per day.

Breakfast: Isopure Alpine Punch drink

Snack: PrescriptFit Chocolate protein shake, w 1t peanut butter




FITNESS: My goal is at least 3x week strength training, one hour of physical activity per day

Swimming laps, 1 hour.

MY TIME: My goal is at least an hour a day of alone/my time.  Spent planning a Vegas trip with my wonderful hubby

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back to the basics...

As I write this new post, I am feeling very deflated.  When I was banded in Sept 2009, I thought my "dieting" days were gone.  No more weighing, counting etc. etc.  Today's reality doesn't believe that dream and there is no such easy road in my present or future for that matter.

I have not been in that "green zone" in 9 months.  For those who are not familiar with lap bands, it means your fills are such that you do not feel hunger/snack between meals and you are full with approximately one cup of food.  Every time I get the smallest of fills, reflux and night coughs send me back to my doctor's to have it removed.  I have had every test, there is nothing wrong with the band.  I had a fill appointment today with my very favorite NP.  She listens and I believe she truly cares for her patients.  We have become quite close.  I expressed my discontent and frustration for the band and my wish that I had chosen either bypass or the sleeve.  Her response was that she no longer recommends the band to patients, in fact, she works very hard to steer new patients away from it.  The number of her patients who are experiencing the same as I is too high.  When the lapband is working correctly, it is a miracle, keeping it adjusted properly is similar to walking a tightrope for me.

She gave me the smallest of fill I requested, .4cc.  I have made the personal decision that if I experience the reflux or other complications which cause me to have another unfill.  I'm done.  No more office visits, no more adjustments, I will live with what I have. 

I am now back to basics.  Of course, If I had success with any of my pre-band diets, it was always short lived.  My goal here is stay on the path to healthy choices.  Fresh vegetables and fruit, more fish, low carb-high proteins.  Back to basics will also means measuring and keeping a food log again, something I never thought I would have to do after the lapband.

HYDRATION: 60 oz so far

HEALTHY EATING/CALORIES: My goal is <1000 calories & at least one fruit per day.

Breakfast: mushroom/reduced fat cheese omelet w/turkey bacon

Snack: Isopure Alpine Punch drink

Lunch:  prescriptfit choc protein shake, w 1t peanut butter

Snack: None

Dinner: mushie kidney beans/w brown rice

FITNESS: My goal is at least 3x week strength training, one hour of physical activity per day

None yet, but I do plan to walk about Supper

MY TIME: My goal is at least an hour a day of alone/my time.  Spent crying on my NP shoulder today ;)

Monday, August 8, 2011

On the health life road..

I awoke this morning with a renewed determination to get back on the path to my healthier lifestyle.  My band and I are at a standoff at the moment.  I am definitely not in the green zone, but the last few attempts at fills ended with reflux and subsequent unfills.  If this is as much help as I will get from my band then I will have to live with that, but I will be disappointed.  I have had everything checked and there is nothing  amiss as far as band placement and functioning.  I have an appointment tomorrow to try the tiniest of fills (.1) to give me some hunger relief, but this will be the LAST attempt.  If I end up with another unfill, I will raise the white flag and work with what I have, which is better than no help at all.

  After my morning cup of Jo and a bottle of water, I headed to the pool.  Afterwards, I came home, drank another bottle of water and headed to the gym to do some weight training.  A good start for the day/

HYDRATION: My goal is 64 oz per day, I am 1/3 way already, this goal will be met

HEALTHY EATING/CALORIES:  My goal is <1000 calories & at least one fruit per day.

Breakfast: greek yogurt, 1/8 t honey,1/2 banana, handful blueberries

Snack: Isopure Alpine Punch drink

Lunch:  V8 Vegetable Garden Soup

Snack: cereal/2% milk, 1 sl whole wheat bread, peanut butter

Dinner: Brown rice w/zucchini & shrimp in homegrown tomato sauce, 1 glass white wine

FITNESS:  My goal is at least 3x week strength training, one hour of physical ativity per day

Swimming laps: 45 mins
Strength Training: legs

MY TIME:  My goal is at least an hour a day of alone/my time.  Anything Goes, but I hope to get in some reading/gardening/chick flick time here

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pause,Reflect. Replan

Todays Weight:  176

I have taken a wrong turn off my roadmap to a healthier lifestyle.

I stopped blogging, stopped logging and all around STOPPED everything. 

My life has changed directions in many ways since I started this journey.  I retired from my job, my daughter & granddaughters have moved on their own and for the first time since I was a kid, I have no boundaries, no rules, no structure in my life.  There is no alarm clock, no boss, no rush hour to beat.  All good things but I didn't prepare myself for this newfound freedom, I didn't make a plan.

So this morning is about making a rough draft.  After working my entire adult life, the one thing I DO NOT plan to do, is alarm setting, my alarm clock was permanently trashed on my retirement day and will NOT be returning.  So I can only make rough drafts for mornings, because I wake up....when I wake up..period.

My very basic plan includes accountability and awareness.  Blogging is important in this area because it keeps my aware and focused.  Each day Iwill report these areas on blog:

HEALTHY EATING/CALORIES (<1000 works best for me)

These are minimal goals for now which I will change as time goes on.

As for today, My youngest granddaughter is having her birthday party today and it will involve pizza, planning here is crucial.  Pizza has always been a "red light" food for me.  In my unhealthy days, I could eat 1/2 pizza before without taking a breath. My main plan is to keep a bottle of water in my hand constantly and to concentrate on the socializing (hard to stuff food in your mouth if I'm talking!)

How do you handle kiddie functions ?

Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fill, No Fill

I saw my surgeon in May. The tests were all good, no slippage, everything with band is still good. He gave me a .25 fill. Last week I began have night coughs & reflux again. I saw my NP Tuesday, she removed the .25 & we are going to start over. Heal the reflux, then gradually do .1 fills each visit. We will see how it goes.

Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm moving......

I have been having some privacy issues with blogger and have decided to pack up my toys and move to a new home.  Google has gone way overboard invading my privacy.  I'm going to take some extra precautins and move to WordPress for the time being.

Ladies!  Please, please be careful, I don't use my real name or location and still my privacy was invaded by my blog....When is the last time you googled your name?  You should check it regularly like you would your credit file .

I will leave this post here for a short time and then it will be deleted.

I love you all, and I will try my best to add you to my new place.

 PLEASE friend me at my new address so I won't lose you!  I love my blogger buddies!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding & reflux

Set the alarm and DVR (backup), made tea and sat back to soak in all the romance of the Royal Wedding completely alone as the rest of the family slept.  Well, most of it at least.  The girls awoke just in time to see Kate walk the aisle and the vows before heading off to school.  My two girls were so excited to see a live Prince :)

Reflux~I don't recall any coughing last night or reflux pain, hopefully that last unfill did some good.

Happy TGIF everyone!

Royal Wedding & reflux

Set the alarm and DVR (backup), made tea and sat back to soak in all the romance of the Royal Wedding completely alone as the rest of the family slept.  Well, most of it at least.  The girls awoke just in time to see Kate walk the aisle and the vows before heading off to school.  My two girls were so excited to see a live Prince :)

Reflux~I don't recall any coughing last night or reflux pain, hopefully that last unfill did some good.

Happy TGIF everyone!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

burn that just won't go away.....

Before Thanksgiving 2010, I triedto get rid of reflux symptoms.  My NP did a small .1 unfill and told me to try Prilosec & Zantac, It helped for a short time, but it has been back for several weeks now with a vengence.  The Prilosec and Zantac are no longer helping.  My NP took did another .5 unfill today giving me 6.6cc in my 10cc band,  but she thinks there is much more going on.  

I can no longer tolerate even the smallest of fills and the reflux is ongoing.  Tuesday I will be having a upper GI to check for slippage or other complications.  I truly fear the worst news, I know my body and my band.  I know what I am doing should not be causing reflux.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Forgive me Blogger.....

for I have sinned, its been 28 days since my last post. :(

My weight today:  163.5

I have always believed, when bloggers stop posting,  it is never a good sign.  It is true for me as well.  After a 4 day Disney Cruise, 3 days at Nickelodeon for our Spring Break vacation, I stepped on the scale and saw 4lb gain.  I felt the usual lower self esteem issues, I have felt with ever other failed diet in my lifetime.  I stuck my head in the sand and avoided the scale like the plague, until today.

This morning, I had a stern talk with myself and getting officially back to my healthy lifestyle.  In my typical drama queen style, I blew everything out of proportion.  This morning when I weighed myself again, Mr. Scales showed 2lb gain.  This is fixable!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oooh, This is why blogging helps!

Blogging is MY support systemWhy a support system is so important to long-term success

You know that if you're trying to lose weight, you're not alone. Weight loss is a goal many people share. People want to lose weight to look better, to feel better, to stay or get healthier, and to live longer. Connecting with them makes the journey so much easier.

Consider the following startling statistic: Approximately 70 percent of dieters who go it alone fail. For many people, these attempts to shed pounds fail because their diets are too rigid, and therefore not sustainable, and their approach lacks a support system to help them achieve long-term success.

When you're trying every day to stay the course, you need all the help you can get, including from non-dieters. That means telling family, friends, coworkers, and workout partners about your goals, and asking for their cooperation.

Your support system is your cheering section, your fans rooting for you, and your chief motivators. Usually, people get really psyched up in the beginning of a fitness program, but in a few weeks, motivation can wane. That's when your support system can keep you going and help you turn your life around.

Once you talk to friends and family about your weight and health goals, you might be surprised to find out that they care more than you know.

----taken from The Biggest Loser Newsletter

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Florida Peeps??

We will be on a 4 day Disney Cruise that ends March 10th. We are considering spending 3 nights @ Nickelodeon Resort afterward. My question is, do you think it will still be too cold for the slides??

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mtce, Valentines & pre-Vegas

Mr. Scale showed 161.5 this exactly the same as last week YaY! This weeks post is a day late for several reasons, #1-I wanted to give myself a day to resolve a gain from our Valentines meal, #2-we are leaving for Vegas tomorrow & I wanted to record my pre-trip weight, #3-Monday was Valentines day & I wanted to enjoy the day without stress from Mr.Scale. My food log was crazy this week. I had to drink colonoscopy prep on Sunday, hardly ate anything Monday after the test either. Then I must have caught a bug while in the hospital for the test, I was sick the rest of the week. My food log doesn't reflect all the sugarfilled cough & cold medicines that I took.

We did our Valentines dinner on Sunday because my very favorite restaurant was full. It was soooo good! We shared an order of crab cakes, I ate 1/3 of one & Hubby ate the rest, it had the most delicious Cajun remoulade sauce with just the right amount of horseradish. I ate a few bites of my Caesar salad & 3-4 small pieces of anchovies. Next came our Filet, it was so good but I could only eat a couple bites. For dessert we shared a chocolate molten cake with vanilla ice cream & I ate one chocolate covered strawberry. Of course we had a bottle of wine (I had 2 glasses) & I had a cappuccino. My band allowed me only a sample of everything, I was able to enjoy without too much guilt. Mr Scale showed a 2lb gain the next day but I have learned that restaurant food generally has more salt than when I cook at home, my weight was back to normal the next day.

Also, on Monday the Wonderful man that I married gave me a Kindle for Valentines Day! I had been considering buying one, my Hubby always gives the best presents.

Water~my water intake was fairly good this week. I forced myself to keep a mental count most days. I find my water is better when I try to track it.

Healthy Eating~I had fruit 4 days this week, I'm doing much better including fruit & skim milk most days.

Fitness~ exercise was nonexistent this week. I used my illness as an excuse not to go, I must do better this week.

My health plan for Vegas- plan to take advantage of fitness center in our hotel. I love walking the strip, so I plan to walk as much as possible. I also plan to avoid buffets.

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Weekly Report for week of February 7, 2011


Weekly Report for week of February 7, 2011

Daily Summary
76 calories under for the week
0 exercise calories burned this week
Lost 0 pounds this week

Carb (g) Prot (g) 
Feb-7-1130 41 
Feb-8-11140 73 
Feb-12-1190 62 
Feb-13-11110 79 
Daily Avg10259.4

* some foods logged on this day are missing this nutrient data

Tip: You can copy and paste the above tables directly into Excel.

This report was generated with Lose It!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Anyone bought or tried these workouts? My tween wants to buy them and I would love some feedback , thanks

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Mtce & Vacation

This morning, Mr. Scale showed 161.5, -1lb loss from last week. After last week's post, I made a fill appointment only to cancel it at the last minute. I am so afraid of aggravating my reflux since it has been better lately.

I had a routine colonoscopy this morning. Drinking all that prep was quite a challenge with my band. I am not able to chug water like I could before my banding. Seemed like it took me forever to drink that vile stuff. Everything went well and thankfully I will not have to repeat it for several years.

Fitness~~This week I really did a mix of activities. Zumba Wii 2x, Yoga Wii once, Pilates class @ the gym along with elliptical & treadmill. Still only made it to the gym only one day. I will work to increase my gym visits this week.

Healthy Eating~~One of the advantages of logging my foods, is my ability to review my strength & weaknesses. This week I had 5 servings of fruit including 3 svgs of raisins. I still need to continue making a conscious effort to include fruits & veggies each day. Adding extra berries/apples to my oatmeal is helping.

Water~~ water intake was good this week.

Reflux~~ not so bad this week. I actually slept well most nights & without a mountain of pillows !

In 10 days, Hubby and I will be going on a little trip to Vegas, I need a get-away. We have been there many times. There are several things on our must see for this trip, first up for me will be a spa day, completely with a deep tissue massage and peppermint foot rub. I would love to first their new Mob Museum if it is open, I'm not sure if its open yet. Also, I have never seen the Blue Man group so we added that to our list.

Goals for this week

Zumba 2x
Gym 2x
at least one outdoors activity
Minimum 1 fruit each day

Weekly Report for week of January 31, 2011



Weekly Report for week of January 31, 2011

Daily Summary
825 calories under for the week
600 exercise calories burned this week
Lost 1 pound this week


Carb (g) Prot (g) 
Jan-31-11183 42*
Feb-3-11128 47 
Feb-5-11173 31*
Daily Avg132.938


* some foods logged on this day are missing this nutrient data


Tip: You can copy and paste the above tables directly into Excel.


This report was generated with Lose It!

Ron & Donna Kathmann

Monday, January 31, 2011

Mtce Weighin & reflux-fill?

Although Mr.Scale fluctuated up and down thoughout the week, this morning Mr Scale showed 162.5, indicating no change for this week.  I have felt for over 2 months now that I need a tiny fill.  I'm hungry more often than I should be and I am not staying full very long.  I'm talking real honest to goodness hunger!   I am reluctant to get one however, due to my past reflux problems.  It is so frustrating to know that I need this adjustment but the fear of reflux is keeping me from getting it.  I have read the blogs of successful banders like The Sweet Spot who says that having to take reflux medicine is an inconvenience she is willing to live with.  Also, I read a response to one of Gen's posts by Lap Band Gal who replied "I don't depend on my band to keep my food choices in check, my brain does that".  She is a Superstar Bandster, her weightloss is consistent and appears she has her head in the game.  For me, I still stumble regularly when it comes to food and it is something I continue to work on.  I do know the hunger is not helping, If I could lose weight while fighting hunger, I wouldn't have needed my band.  Perhaps I will begin blogging more often again to see if it helps.

Fitness~~I did Zumba Wii once, Pilate's/Elliptical one day and did yard/garden work one day.  There is definitely room for improvement here. 

Healthy eating~~I started working on my backyard garden this week.  This is part of my ongoing attempt to eating cleaner.  I planted strawberry-blueberry-blackberry-raspberry bushes in one bed.  The other bed will hold summer veggies.  As for my eating report from last week, I had two days over my caloric limit, 1674 & 1362.  Reviewing my food log, I can see that my extra calories on both days were from junk/snack eating.  Where is my willpower?  I had fruit 6 of 7 days, adding extra fruit to my morning oatmeal has definitely helped my weekly fruit count and also allows me to add milk to my diet.

Water~~I had good improvement in my water intake this week.  One thing I did was to keep a water glass handy as much as possible, reminding me to drink!

Carbs~~I ate far too much "bad" (white)  carbs this week.  Needs improvement.

Reflux ~night coughs, but not wet/gurgling coughs that I remember having before.  This is a dry cough, but zantac seems to calm it, but it days take time.  I cannot remember that last time I had an uninterrupted nights sleep :(

Goals for my week

Zumba wii 2x
Gym 3x
limit white carbs

Weekly Report for week of January 24, 2011



Weekly Report for week of January 24, 2011

Daily Summary
439 calories under for the week
497 exercise calories burned this week
Lost 0.5 pounds this week


Prot (g) 
Daily Avg50.7


* some foods logged on this day are missing this nutrient data


Tip: You can copy and paste the above tables directly into Excel.


This report was generated with Lose It!

Ron & Donna Kathmann

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fruit & Weekly Mtce

I forgot to weigh Monday so this weekly post is a day late. Mr. Scale showed my weight to be 162.5, 2.5lb loss from last week. Despite my previous decision to only weigh once a week, I decided to weigh more this week out of concern for my gain last post.

Fitness~~I did Zumba wii once, yard-work (shoveling dirt) once, Pilate's (a first), elliptical once. Saturday was spent walking around museums. I still feel I can do more.

Healthy eating~~I continue to log my food intake using my iPhone app. It definitely keeps me aware of what calories I'm consuming. It has become 2nd nature to me, no stress, just awareness. I had fruit 5 of 7 days this week. I started adding extra fruit to my oatmeal.

Water~~It continues to be a struggle to remember to drink water during these cooler days. It is easier when it's warmer. I am definitely not getting enough.

Carbs~it was more difficult than I expected  to reduce carbs to one per day.  I am going to try to just concentrate on what I consider really bad carbs, i.e. white breads/rice/pasta/potatoes & refined sugars.

Reflux~~had only one day of reflux last week.

Goals for my week

Drink full glass of water before each meal
Buy a bottle large enough to hold a full day of water
Zumba Wii 1-2x
Pilates 1x
Walk with my husband 1-2x
Gardening -min 1 day
eliminate/minimize all white carbs this week

Monday, January 17, 2011

Zumba Wii & Weekly Mtce

First let me start with ...
...the bad...Mr. Scale showed 165.0 this morning which is 3.5lb gain. <>  I don't get it, how can I be 161.5 and then two days later 165?  I'm not going to stress about it, could be that I ate more salt than usual or Mr.Scale is off his meds, who knows. I will however, take care to keep careful check on my foods in  the upcoming week.  I went over 1200 calories 3 days this week, but stayed below 1500 and was -131 calories for the week. 

Zumba Wii has definitely become by best friend during this cold weather.  My gym has not offered it consistently and it is just as fun at home.  Best part is the tutorial section that lets me practice the different steps repeatedly until I get them with my two left feet :)
Zumba Wii

..the Good....Water -.I did much better with water this week, keeping my water handy everywhere I go has helped.  I always fill my water bottle any time I jump in my car.

Healthy Eating -I didn't eat as much fruit as I intended.  I need to work on that this week.

Fitness~ I did two days of rehab on my knee and one day at the gym. Zumba was cancelled this week at the gym and I'm not sure if they are going to continue it or not so this week I plan to add Zumba wii 2x.  I already did one class today :)

Goals for my week

Add an apple/orange 2 days this week
Gym Class 2 days this week (wed/thurs)
Zumba wii (Monday/Friday)
Allow only 1 carb per day

Weekly Report for week of January 10, 2011



Weekly Report for week of January 10, 2011

Daily Summary
131 calories under for the week
285 exercise calories burned this week
Lost 0 pounds this week


Prot (g) 
Daily Avg45.3


* some foods logged on this day are missing this nutrient data


Tip: You can copy and paste the above tables directly into Excel.


This report was generated with Lose It!

Ron & Donna Kathmann

Monday, January 10, 2011

weekly mtce - work in progress

This morning Mr. Scale showed 161.5 (+1lb).  My weight continues to fluctuate from 0-2lbs. 

band issues ~I am still having the reflux problems.  If it doesn't clear up by next week, I will go in for another unfill.  I hate getting an unfill when I currently have no restriction.  June 2010 I posted a fairly lengthy list of foods that I could no longer eat with my band.  Today that list is completely gone.  I chug water like a elephant and can eat anything I want (not a good thing).  Here I sit with no restriction and needing a fill, but at the same time, I cannot resolve this reflux problem, causing me to get an unfill instead.  Hence, making an already non restriction problem worse. 

I completely researched the band before deciding on WLS.  Bottom line, who really knows how long we will have our bands?  What I DO KNOW is that I am not willing to risk esophagus cancer in order to keep it.  I will continue to get unfilled until my band is empty to have this reflux problem resolved.  If it does not get resolved, I will explore removal.

Healthy Eating~ Last week I replaced sugar and white bread with healthier choices.  My daily calorie allowances were too high (over 1500) on three days.  Too much snacking!   Something to work on for this week.

Fitness~Last week I worked out  4 days including 2 days of rehab on my knee, walking & my first ever Zumba class.  It was a killer workout but I was a little spastic, I think.  I also did Zumba wii once.

Water~I am getting about 40oz, I need to get back up to 60oz per day.


Weekly Report for week of January 3, 2011



Weekly Report for week of January 3, 2011

Daily Summary
519 calories over for the week
1,282 exercise calories burned this week
Gained 1 pound this week


Prot (g) 
Daily Avg55.1


* some foods logged on this day are missing this nutrient data


Tip: You can copy and paste the above tables directly into Excel.


This report was generated with Lose It!

Ron & Donna Kathmann

Friday, January 7, 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

Just Keep on Keepin' On !

Today is my first weekly weighin of the year and Mr. Scale says 160.5, -1lb from last week.  I am seeing some 1-2lb fluctuations in my weight as I try to navigate living in Maintenanceville.

Healthy Eating ~ I am still trying to concentrate on eating cleaner with less processed foods.  I am incorporating some dietary changes slowly because of my fear of regains.  For instance, I have given up all margarine/butter substitutes for plain unsalted butter.  I've cut down to only one cup of coffee per day to reduce caffeine and I am replacing the sugar with honey.  I plan to let these changes settle into my lifestyle and hopefully move on to other changes.

Fitness ~ Santa brought me the Zumba Wii.  Here is my critique:  Bear in mind that I have never taken a class in Zumba, there is simply not a class convenient to me yet.  It includes a belt that holds the Wii remote as you move so that the Wii can detect your movements.  For me the best part has been the Step Tutorial, I like being able to repeat the instructions until I feel I have mastered a step.  There is a separate Tutorial for each step.  There is a selection of Zumba Party or Zumba Class and I love the music!  So far it has been a great addition to my walking and I do not seem to be having any knee problems so far.  I find my cross-trainers are not very compatible with the dancing steps, I am considering getting dance shoes.

Band info~ I am still having the reflux issue.  I have very little restriction right now so I do not think that it is caused by my band being too tight.  I am trying really hard to change my lifestyle so that if my band should need to be removed due to complications, I can still maintain my weight.  I often wonder if any of my fellow BOOBS worry about band removal?  Sally,  who is such a huge inspiration to me in this journey, had to endure band removal and it is my biggest fear.  Who really knows how long the band really lasts?  My doctor has never been very optimistic that it is a long term solution, he constantly reminds me that lifestyle changes are crucial in keeping the weight off.

Weekly Report for week of December 27, 2010



Weekly Report for week of December 27, 2010

Daily Summary
1,401 calories under for the week
545 exercise calories burned this week
Lost 1.5 pounds this week


Prot (g) 
Daily Avg42.9


* some foods logged on this day are missing this nutrient data


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Ron & Donna Kathmann

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011- New Years Day

Today is the beginning of 2011 and I wanted to weigh in to record my beginning weight.  Mr.Scale showed 161.5 this morning and shows no gain/loss.  New Years Eve was spent with my husband and  two granddaughters, we bought them a few fireworks but the weather was wet and foggy. 

Before I speak of my goals and challenges for this New Years, I thought I would reflect on  my New Years day post for 2010.  In a nutshell I wrote:

"I have so much to look forward to in 2010. My new Healthy lifestyle, rebuilding our home and retirement. It is my plan to finally retire from my job this year and become a fulltime grandmother. Also, we have two wonderful cruises planned this year."

Healthy Lifestyle -On New Years Day 2010 I weighed 185lbs, having lost nearly 25lbs following my banding.  I had  little restriction yet, so much of that loss was from my own healthy eating and exercising.  Today I am now 50lbs lighter and in maintenance.  Maintenance is more difficult for me than the weightloss because I still have the fear of regaining as with all my other diets.  I am still learning an have gained 3 lbs since Thanksgiving.  I am still suffering from reflux, I hope to get another small unfill to help with that reflux, it scares the hell out of me because of my fear of regaining.  I have learned much over the last year.:  I log all my food intake and exercising, it has become 2nd nature to me and I see no stress from continuing to log.  Blogging has been reduced to once a week when I weighin, keeping me aware of my weight fluctuations.

2011 Healthy Lifestyle goals~~exercise 3x week, weights 2x week, water 64oz, 1 fruit each day.

Rebuilding my Home~~We had planned to rebuild our home which was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.  It was not meant to be, We were cheated by a unscrupulous contractor of a large portion of our monies and have now decided to stay where we are.  We are an hour drive to any of our children/grandchildren and are happy with our decision.

Retirement~ I did retire from my Job on August 1, 2010 and am now a full time Grandmother.  It is the best job ever and while I still miss work sometimes, I know it was time to move on.  My husband is our Personal Finance expert and assures me everyday that our finances are fine. 

2011 Finance goals~ As of today, no more credit card purchases.  My card will be used for travel reservations only and any travel charges will be repaid before end of billing cycle.

Travel~~we did have two fabulous cruises in 2010.  Hawaii & Bahamas.  Both were absolutely wonderful.

2011 Travel goals~~We have 2 cruises this year, cruise #1 Disney Dream-March and #2 Alaska both with the grandchildren.  We plan to visit Canada & the Northeastern states in October also.  I also hope to include a New Years eve cruise (still in the planning stages).

Happy 2011 to everyone!