Monday, December 27, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In...Holiday consequences?

Mr. Scale showed his disappointment today.  My weight is 161.5, +.5 increase.  I logged my food all week and even managed to exercise 3 days, but I am still lacking in the water dept.  I am always feeling dehydrated and I know it is not helping.  Also my exercise regiment is not what it was before my knee surgery.  I know where my need for improvement is and this week I need to turn my attention to staying hydrated.

Whew! I love the Christmas Holidays, even more so this year!  I loved the parties, the family gatherings and spoiling my Granddaughters.  But Sunday morning I was exhausted from it all.   The constant running, cleaning and cooking was so !

My band helped me resist over indulging by slamming shut like a vise.  There I was with a glass of my favorite wine in one hand and a plate of hor'dourves, two or three bites and BAM! I hurried to the restroom just in time....I was not in the mood for any further eating afterwards.

Christmas Day I was tempted with all the best of Cajun foods.  Gumbo, Jambalaya, Cajun Fried Turkey, even my favorite King Cake from Randazzo's.  I took two bites of Gumbo and Pb'd, ending any further temptation to eat.

Among the treasures Santa left me was the Zumba Wii.  I hope to get a chance to try it out this week, I will give you a critique soon.  It still amazes me that I now consider an exercise game as a treasure instead of another "weightloss gadget".  If someone would have told me last year, I would use my Santa wishes for exercise, I would have thought they grew an extra head. What a difference a year makes, now I love finding new ways to exercise and it makes it more incredible to be able to share the fun with my Granddaughters as well.

My next post will be New Years Day instead of Monday.  I want to be sure to record my beginning 2011 weight and set up some Maintenance goals as well as life improvement goals for the upcoming year.


  1. Make sure and let us know how you like the Zumba on the Wii. So far, I havent heard one bad thing about it!

  2. In response to your comment on my blog the other day. I can still eat gumbo, I just put maybe a tablespoon of rice in it and take it slow. But I usually don't put okra in my gumbo, so I haven't tried that yet. Can't wait to hear about the Zumba!


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