Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In Tis the Season

Mr. Scale showed 160.0 for -0.5 loss this week.  I logged everything that went into my mouth this week and managed to keep my calories below 1200 each day.  It was more difficult on some days than most.  I attended a retirement party and while I did not each much (steak), I did have a couple glasses of wine.  I still managed to drop a little weight!  My exercise was lacking this week (one 1 day).  I restart rehab on my knee this week and hopefully will get back more of the flexibility I have lost.  I still cannot kneel or raise from a squatting position.  So far I am pleased with my weekly maintenance posts, along with keeping a log of my foods.

In other news, I am just about done with all my Christmas shopping and have had some beautiful family moments.

My Grandaughters made their own ornaments to give as teacher gifts.


  1. At least your moving in the right direction. I love the ornaments. :)

  2. The ornaments are adorable and cute! You are doing awesome at your maintenance!


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