Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekly Weigh-in post

Mr. Scale screamed 160.5, 1.5lb increase for the week.  I am not surprised.  Thanksgiving, huge Christmas Party and too much snacking all contributed to this unpleasant result.  

We had our first Christmas Party of the Season Saturday night and I had far too much wine.  I received so many compliments that I lost count!  I wore a red dress **SIZE 8! I also made far too many poor choices this week, mostly due to lack of preparation.

There were some positives this week, especially in my fitness area.  I walked 3 days, Saturday I walked almost 4 miles, that longest I have been able to walk since my knee surgery.  I also did strength training 2x focusing mainly on my knee. 

Since living in maintenanceville is about taking prompt action whenever gains occur, here is my plan of action for the next coming week:
  1. strength training minimum 3x
  2. walking/cardio 5x
  3. 4 water bottles per day
  4. Stock up on healthy foods
I am almost complete in my Christmas shopping.  Santa is bringing me wii Zumba. 

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