Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Post-Thanksgiving Weekly Weigh-in

Today Mr. Scale showed 159.0 for a 1lb loss. Thanksgiving was a wonderful celebration with our family. We love having all our children together in one place. God has blessed me with a wonderful family and I love them all very much.

My husband and I both walked for about an hour early Thanksgiving morning,. Exercise? On the biggest eating day of the year? No way I would have done such a thing in the past.! I allowed myself to eat anything I wanted and ended the day 95 calories under my daily calorie goal. I had one serving of cherry pie for dessert but was unable to eat more than half. I logged my foods on my phone app. In the end, I enjoyed the day without ever feeling like I was on a diet or deprived.

In other band news, two weeks after my tiny .1cc fill, I starting having terrible night coughs and acid reflux. Both are sure signs of being too tight. My NP did a .1cc unfill on Tuesday and last night there were no more night coughs, so now I am back where I started. It seems that I have as much fill as I can tolerate. I began a 9wk regiment on Prilosec OTC to hopefully get a handle on the terrible reflux before it can damage my esophagus. It is up to me now, no more fills. I currently have 7.1cc in my 10cc band which is a healthy fill amount. I am living in maintenanceville now and have to do the rest by making healthy food choices and increasing my exercise as my knee permits.

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