Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weekly Mtce

I successfully lost the 1/2 lb gain from last week.  Maintenance is truly about awareness and corrective action.  If I continue to weigh myself once a week and take immediate action to correct any weight gains, Maintenanceville should continue to be a easy place to live.   Keeping to weekly weighins vs. daily has been very liberating.  It seems to be just enough to keep me aware without consuming too much of my thoughts. 

I went in for a teeny tiny .1cc fill adjustment last week and it seems to be exactly what I needed.  I reviewed my food log on my iPhone app today and there is a noticeable difference in the amount of calories/food that I am consuming compared to before the fill.  So far I have seen no adverse reactions which had caused my previous unfill a few months ago.  No increase of reflux and no Pb.  I am still able to eat all foods including steak and small portions of bread.  I do not plan to have another fill unless it becomes absolutely necessary.  I still consciously try to keep carbs at a minimum because my system reacts negatively when I eat too much of them.  Logging my foods with my iPhone app seems to help in many ways.  I only track calories and protein (I do not get enough protein if I don't track).  It helps with awareness in a big way.  For instance, yesterday we made rice krispy treats for school, WTF!  Who knew one dayum square has 352 calories/68.5g carbs/7.7g Fat!! Tracking this on my iPhone made me painfully aware and it was enough to keep that piece at one and not to go back for more.

I am continuing to work on my water consumption and as my knee becomes more healthy, my exercise is steadily increasing which should help to keep my weight under control.  I am finding it difficult to take it slow as I rehabilitate my knee, patience is not big with me. I miss so many things, running, biking, kneeling.  Hopefully I regain complete use of my knee again soon.

My next weighin will be the day before Thanksgiving.  I plan to fully enjoy the holiday but I will log my choices and take corrective action if necessary.


  1. Thank you for posting about maintenance - this is a topic that we don't really see too much with blogging bandsters. :)

  2. Way to work maintenance! I am still battling for my last pound but the idea of maintaining kinda scares me.



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