Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Maintenance Update

My weight this week remains unchanged.  I am still using my Loseit! app on my iphone to track my foods.  It even has a little reminder to keep me from forgetting to Log. It is convenient.  I was over my calorie goal on too many days but I am tracking to keep myself aware, not to beat myself up about it. I don't even look at the calories because frankly, after years of dieting, I have a pretty good idea what they are.
I am in maintenanceville now and that means continuing to be aware.  I only weigh once a week and tracking my foods on my phone gives a gentle reminder to think before I eat :)

Beginning this week, I began concentrating on hydration.  My water consumption is typically not optimum in the cooler months.  Keeping my water in check seems to help my system in many areas.

I am reading so many posts from champion banders who are debating fills.  Since my last unfill in July, my list of foods that I am unable to eat is practically gone.  I am enjoying being a little loose in fills.  I can eat salad, chicken,all  fruit and even steak.  When I was super tight in my weightloss phase it kept me from being able to eat so many healthy foods!  Of course we all know the junk goes down just fine.  I am considering a tiny tweek like Tina, but I will give it more thought, I don't want to be very tight any longer.


  1. I love the app on my phone... keeps me so "in touch" with what I'm really putting in my mouth.

  2. Good for you! I need to be more disciplined. I'm so happy that you're remaining focused.


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