Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 405 & 406

Well, Friday & today were both BUSY! Yesterday, I got everything laid out for my garage sale, we opened @ 6am this morning & I have not stopped until just now. It was a huge success, I got rid of so much stuff! Everything else will be boxed up & donated. It feels sooo good to to rid my home of all that clutter!

Breakfast today was Greek yogurt with some granola, lunch was a small salad, supper was 3 fish sticks, snack was a handfull of cashews & a DQ moolatte.
Water was poor today but I still have time to drink more.


  1. Sounds great-everytime I think about a garage sale, I feel a bit hoardish and feverish and think what if I need that oneday? Of course, it's all crap so...I have attachment issues. ;-)

    Polar's Mom

  2. Glad to hear things went well!


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