Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 402-403

Nothing much to post about yesterday, I spent the day preparing for the garage sale. I do have to mention The Biggest Loser episode yesterday, my gosh! I was amazed at those guys losing 30-40 lbs in one week! I wish we can have more info on their diets.

Today Hubby & I met with our Financial Planner. I like the guy, but I gotta admit he comes across as a used car salesman sometimes. We have really been around the block interviewing Planners before we settled on this guy. It's all just so scary when you are trusting someone with your lifesavings, no matter who you choose.

Afterwards we had lunch with our son at our favorite Italian restaurant. I ordered the veal Parmesan, ate 1/2 piece of veal & requested the remainder to go. My healthy eating has been good today. I am having difficult getting the recommended amount of potassium. It's way too much food, I would not be able to get enough protein if I ate all that fruit. I guess I will have to rely on a combination of diet & supplements ::sigh

On another non diet related subject, we booked a 21 day European cruise for Fall 2011. It is going to be so awesome!


  1. Where are you going on the cruise Dee? I went on an Italy only cruise last year for 19 days and it was GREAT! I am dying to go back and hoping to do it next year also but I'm not sure I want to do a cruise or a land tour.

  2. good for you in sticking the healthy eating today..and how cool to have booked a European tour. I do love traveling!!

  3. 30 to 40 lbs in a week!?! WHAT!! Thats crazy. Not sure if thats so healthy though I mean wouldn't they have tons of extra skin.

  4. I have the hardest time with potassium too. What exactly has potassium in it besides fruit?

    ANd I have to agree with Michelle - that is crazy weight loss in a week.

  5. 30-40 lbs? I have never seen that show, but i am going to assume that this person wasn't just a bit overweight, but exceptionally overweight! Wow.

    Financial advisers - yeah, i feel the same about them. I still reckon the best investment long-term is a second property, which you can rent out to pay it's own mortgage...but then again i do appreciate that this does require a fair bit of cash upfront too.


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