Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 397- 100 Day Countdown

As of today, there is exactly 100 days left to the end of 2010 as well as the beginning of Autumn. Time for setting a couple of Hot 100 day goals. It is difficult to know what goals to attempt since I am not sure what physical shape I will be in after my surgery. I know that I will be in physical therapy for a whole month afterwards, which means it won't be completed until Turkey day.

Also, my pre-op blood work for my knee operation shows that I am very low in Vitamin K/potassium, my doctor has ordered Potassium supplements which are horse pills. yuck!  I am including some goals to help increase my vitamin K naturally through my diet.

My HOT 100 day Goals:
  • lose the last 8 lbs to my goal weight
  • drink 1 cup of prune juice per day
  • 1 potassium rich fruit per day
  • 2 cups of cooked beans per week
Healthy Eating ~ Breakfast-1/4 c.oatmeal, alpine punch protein drink, 4 pcs turkey bacon, 1/2 veggie omelet, Lunch-none, Supper-3oz stuffed flounder, 1 pc catfish, 1/2 c green beans, 3 bites chicken salad, 1 Tbsp wild rice, Snacks -2 bites of bread pudding, 1 bite of peach cobbler, 1 bite of key lime pie
Water ~ Fair


  1. Yeah, I'm glad you're joining the Hot 100. Here's to 100 days of healthy living.

  2. This is right in line with my latest challenge, The Hot 100 - you ought to consider joining in!

  3. Looks like there's quite a few folks doing the Hot 100 challenge. I dunno about the prune juice though....yeuch. ;o)

  4. Can you get a horse pill down? I either have to chew them these days (taste NASTY) or ask for liquid. So far the surgeon has been cool about it. Bananas are good for potassium but if you are way low...might be tough :)

    Good luck with both the challenge and the potassium.

  5. Wow really only 100 days left. And it'll go go by real quick. Hot 100 Challenge huh, I think I might have to join in. I need to set some goals for myself on this journey.

  6. The list of goals you have there is sound, attainable. I'd have to go a different direction than prune juice, but if that stuff gets your body movin, go gett'em.

  7. Guess it's better to be low Potassium... I had high potassium and my doc was always worried about my heart. It's pretty hard to lower...

    Best of luck in the Hot 100!! Look forward to following you.

    Polar's Mom


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