Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 393

On this day last year, I was so excited because I had lost 10lbs since being banded and had just entered Onederland. As I reviewed that post this morning, I could feel the excitement. I was so motivated, reading over my posts from the beginning of my journey helps me taste a little of that & focus on the last 8 lbs to goal.

This morning was a pleasant Sunday morning with my girls. Aftr breakfast & completion of a school project, we took another trip to our local Arts & Crafts show. We walked around for about an hour visiting all the booths. The girls picked out a few really cute hair bows & we shared a snow cone.

Fitness ~ none
Health Eating ~ Breakfast-2eggs, 1 pk grits, 1 tsp smart balance spread, Lunch- none , Supper-turkey fettuccine Alfredo, snack-pinwheel, popcorn


  1. Wow - time flies huh? Keep up the good work.

  2. Eight more, just eight more... enjoy the excitement of the chase now and the excitement when you get there :-)

  3. Day 393 - looks like you have managed to make your changes permanent...looking at your BMI ticker, you are sooooo close. Keep going Dee - i'll be glad when my ticker stops taunting me. ;0)

  4. Good luck with the 8! You can do it!


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