Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 392

Whew what a busy HOT Saturday! My day started with a couple hours @ a local arts & craft show. There was so much great stuff...I plan another trip tomorrow. After the craft show, I spent 2 hours watching my oldest cheerlead @ a football game. It was so hot @ both places.

Healthy Eating~breakfast 2 eggs, pk. grits,1 tsp smart balance spread,sprinkle of lowfat cheese, 1 sl whole wheat toast, Lunch- none, snack tortillas
water~ fair


  1. Hot huh. Knew a guyfromAlabama that used to say it was hotter than two rats screwing in a wool sock.

    I guess that's hot.

    Stay cool :-)

  2. I'm so ready for fall! I love going to craft shows with my mom.


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