Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 380 - Bandiversary

Today is a very emotional day for me.  On this day, exactly one year ago, I took the extremely scary leap to have lap band surgery.  I remember the range of emotions I went through as I was driving to the hospital.  Among them, Am I being vain?  Should I have given traditional dieting yet another try? Is this just the most stupid thing I have ever done?  What if something horrible happens and I die over this?  What if the band doesn't work for me?  Today, I know that it was the most awesome thing I could have ever done.  Here I sit a beautiful healthy person, I mean geez, yesterday I chastised myself endlessly for eating ice cream, where was that person before I was banded?

Before ~.  Before I began this healthy journey, exercise was something other people did, not me.
Today ~  I feel guilt and remorse when I don't exercise. 

Before ~  I ate like junk almost every day.  Unless I was on one of my endless diets, I ate without considering the consequences.  I was in total denial about how many calories I ate in a day.
Today ~ Although I don't log it all the time, I work really hard to keep my calorie count below 1200.  Most days I fall well below that. 

Before ~ The closest thing to a vegetable I ate was the lettuce & tomato on my BK whopper
Today ~ I am eating veggies and enjoying them.  I consider healthy choices whenever I eat in a restaurant now,  as well as what sacrifices I will need to make if I make unwise choices.

Before ~ All my clothes were too tight and finding anything fashionable was all but impossible.  I remember shopping the women's section for hours trying to find something that didn't make me look 100 yrs old.
Today ~ I can walk into the trendy shops and buy beautiful clothing.

Where do I go from here?  I have more small changes I wish to make, most are easier.  Swapping white processed foods for whole wheat.  Eat more fruit, when I had tight restrictrion it was difficult.  Swap protein shakes for soy smoothies for a more natural protein.  I am fortunate to live near the water and  I want to minimize red meat in my diet, once a week or every other week, replacing it with seafood choices.

I don't wish to eliminate all processed food, I know that is just not practical for me.  I just want to eat less of them.

Fitness ~ 30 mins step aerobics, 100 sit ups,  75 leg lifts, 30 mins swimming
Healthy eating ~ Breakfast-2 eggs, 1 pkt grits, 1 sl whole wheat toast, 1 tsp smart balance spread, alpine punch isopure protein , Lunch 1/4 c potato salad, 2 oz pork chops,  Supper-ceasar salad, Snacks, 2 oreo cookes, 4 donut holes, 1/2 apple


  1. Happy bandiversary, Dee! You have come such a long way! You are an inspiration :)

  2. Happy aniversary and Congratulations on all your hard work!

  3. Happy bandiversary! You've made great progress! Processed foods are the devil! LOL. The more you can limit them, the better.

  4. Happy Bandiversary! Thank you for this post!

  5. Happy bandiversary-You have an award waiting for you over at my blog :)


  6. Happy Bandiversary to a very successful lapbander. Congratulations.

  7. YEP - "Before ~ The closest thing to a vegetable I ate was the lettuce & tomato on my BK whopper"... I am not banded but I can so relate to this statement. And I used to say hold the lettuce too because I hate warm wilted lettuce; argh.

    Dee, you have come a long way. Your bravery allowed you to make the change a year ago, your strength allowed you to be able to post this today. You are gettin it done! And i am very proud to be along for the ride :-)

  8. "I don't wish to eliminate all processed food, I know that is just not practical for me. I just want to eat less of them."

    Sensible approach - being honest with yourself about what you are willing to give up and what you aren't is a good move. I think telling yourself that, technically, no foods are off the cards completely but you will just be exercising far more control over your intake of them and making healthy substitutions where you are able is the best policy and it's obviously working for you. Congrats on the Anniversary.

  9. Happy 1 yr bandaversary! You have come a long way so happy for you!!!

  10. Congrats Dee! You have really done an amazing job. I love all your before and afters. Enjoy!

  11. I went back to see what important things I might have missed, and this is definitely IM-PO-TANT!!!

    Congrats on your bandiversary! I'm sure that was a tremendously difficult decision and I'm glad it's worked out so well for you!

  12. Congratulations!! You have come so far over the last year, and have such a keen perception of yourself and all the changes you've made. :D


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