Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 375 TGIF

The inventor of the Mammography machines had to be a man, while I appreciate the importance of my annual Mammogram, OMG it hurts. I have bruises for 2 days afterwards, there is no way a woman would conceive the thought of torturing another woman breasts in such a contraption. I can now check off this important and painful preventive medical test until next year.

After my mammography I joined my Hubby for breakfast. It was a nice outing for a Friday.

Fitness ~ none
Healthy eating ~ Breakfast 1 egg, 1/2 svg corn beef hash,1 sausage patty, coffee, Lunch 5 tortilla chips w/guacamole, dinner 4 pcs. fried catfish nuggets, dessert - 60 cal choc pudding


  1. Last weekend I had the best guacamole ever at El gato de Negro accross from the French Market. Have you eaten there?

  2. So not look forward to getting a Mammogram. I heard the same thing from other people that it hurts.

  3. I don't mean to laugh, but I feel your pain! Thankfully [and yes I like 'em bitty] I am incredibly small chested so there isn't a whole lot to squeeeeze in that dang machine. eek.

    I can't do guacamole - I never met an avocado I liked hee, but I do like mexican food. Burritos...yum. Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. I had mine on WEdnesday and it went so much more smoothly than before. I am hauling around a couple of empty sacks for boobs so squishing them between two places of glass was a piece of cake :) I have debated occasionally having a little lift but the easier mammogram is making me rethink that :)

    Im sorry yours hurt! I think you had some mean mammo technician.

  5. A mean mammo-jammo?

    As much as it hurts (and hard to hold my breath when I'm in such pain), it does amaze me how far my little boobies can stretch across that plate.

    Then, back to OUCH, OUCH, OUCH!! Seems like this kind of torture would cause cancer!

  6. Yeah, is there really no better way with all the imaging tech we see these days? Maybe it is a conspiracy to just keep using those machines for some twisted sense of fun.

    Like I have any idea how that mys feel. What I do know however is this, if some doc told me I need to place my manhood in such a device and have it squished flat, well, I can't say what I'd say to that doc here without running the risk of beingreported to the vulgar police.

    Hope the bruises go soon and hope the results are nothing short of good news :-)


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