Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 371 - Labor Day

Today marks the end of my kid-less weekend::sigh Three glorious stress free days, now that is my idea of a wonderful holiday. Hubby and I have begun de-junking our home. We lost absolutely everything 5 years ago in Hurricane Katrina. Everything I owned fit into an overnight bag. Here we are getting rid of junk, how does it accumulate so quickly? Grrrr We have devided the house in sections. Yesterday we started with the closets in the master bath. I must admit most of that junk was mine. Half filled jars of lotions & cosmetics or unused beauty products. Today I am tackling my closet.....

Healthy Eating ~ Breakfast-veggie omelete w/chopped shrimp added, isopure protein, Lunch & dinner were salads, snack today was a couple pieces of chocolate.
Fitness ~ 30 mins step aerobics, 100 situps, 10 mins general stretching


  1. I think junk multiplies like gremlins. LOL!

  2. Whew 100 sit ups, you go!
    Sounds like an interesting and fun weekend. Getting rid of stuff you don't need/want is a good feeling in my book.

    Losing stuff in a hurricane must have been undescribably terrible. Hope all of the problems & pain of all of that is now behind you.

  3. I have no idea how junk manages to accumulate, but several of my Gulf coast relatives are in the same situation --- oddly trying to purge things that have managed to sneak up on 'em since Katrina. heh

    We keep purging here, but it's a never ending battle against our packrat natures. ;D

  4. I just moved so I know what you mean. I made so many trips to the thrift store!!

  5. Yes, like Grace says above.

  6. Hi Dee, I just awarded you the 'sweet 101'. Thanks for all your support.

    Sorry the kid-less time couldn't last a little longer:P

  7. We just de junked a while back - I should have put a dumpster in my front yard to collect it all - where does the stuff come from ???

  8. That's something I really need to do - dejunk. I did it a year ago when we moved but it seems it's piled right back up. Ugh. Thanks for adding that to my to-do list. LOL.

  9. I am in the process of the same thing. My lovely ILs [really!] are moving and a lot of their stuff is ending up in our home - which is good,

    I told my hubs we need to move again just to purge the stuff we have accumulated in the past 5 years. It is the only way I can manage to throw out anything and somehow moving seems less painful. heehee

    I am sorry to hear that you had to go through Katrina, but very happy to have found you. Hugs!



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