Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 368

This morning I declined my Hubby's invitation to go for a walk, deciding on Step Aerobics on my Wii instead. I remember getting the Wii Fit last Christmas and thinking how hard it was. Now I place the balance board on an old step aerobic bench to make it as challenging as possible, I guess this counts as an NSV of sorts.

I was scheduled for my annual doc appt this morning, but he cancelled.  Instead, I joined my husband and a couple of his retiree buddies for breakfast. He has asked me to join them on their weekly get together several times but I prefer not to go for two reasons. First, breakfast is my weakness, I love those carbs and greasy bacon/sausage...I know it will test my I rarely eat breakfast out. Secondly, this is his time with the guys, and I hate intruding on that. After all, he lives with 4 females!  My choices were not the best, one egg, 1/2 serving of corn beef hash and a sausage patty. Still it was a far cry from my breakfasts a year ago.

Lunch was the mother of all screw-ups for me. I was working at my desk and grabbed a can of cashews. First off, I have two foods that spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E for me..One is pizza, I can eat pizza until I am miserable. The other is nuts, I love them, and I have been known to eat entire cans in one sitting. I avoid both of those foods as much as possible. When I do eat it, I try to keep it very controlled. I buy nuts in small snack sized bags and pizza is only eaten AT THE TABLE, and only when there are OTHERS I MUST SHARE with. I broke two major rules involving the nuts. I bought the can to begin with and secondly, I ate it at the desk which is a big NO-NO. I ended up eating the equivalent of 5 servings according to the label.

While I cannot change what happened, I need to set myself some steadfast rules to prevent it from happening again.


I already have the no eating on sofa rule, so now my desk is also a NO EATING ZONE.

Supper was very light because I was still full from the huge amount of nuts I ate for lunch. I had a palm sized piece of baked catfish, two bites of broccoli and a cup of salad.

Now I am prepared for a very relaxed, stress-free long holiday weekend with NO KIDS :)

Fitness~ Wii Fit Step Aerobics - 30 mins, 60 crunches, 3 sets of leg kicks
Healthy eatings ~ See the above rant LOL


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  1. I like your no eating zone rule. It's definitely a great idea. Multi-tasking leads to mindless eating.


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