Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 367

So many of my fellow blogger have post each and every day since they began their weight loss journey.  My goal is make more of an effort to do the same, even if it is to just type hello :)

Today was good.  Hubby and I went for a long walk this morning.  The temps have felt really nice in the early mornings lately, during the hottest months the days started out already in the 80's before 7am.  My husband is so much more consistent with his fitness.  He retired 2 years ago and he walks 7 days a week and does the gym 4 days.  He keeps behind me when I begin to waver in my own fitness. 

After our walk, I went to the hospital to have my pre-op testing completed  They took blood and did a EKG.  I guess I will get the results from my surgeons office before the actual surgery.  After the hospital I did a little shopping.  I caught a great deal on some new cushions for my outdoors swing.  I love to sit on the swing and watch the world roll by in the fall. 

After the mall, I met my husband for lunch at a local casino.  My hubby is a poker man.  He has a few buddies that he meets at the casino and plays Texas Hold em for a couple hours each day.  One thing I have to mention regarding having my lapband.  It takes away much of the fear of overeating at the buffets.  Today, I ate two shrimp, about 3 oz flounder and was nicely full.  The Dee from a year ago would have eaten that much before I took a breath.  I do not fool myself when it comes to buffets, they are my enemy.  I can count on one hand the times I have gone to them, they have lost their appeal to me now.

After lunch we stopped @ Michael's (craft store).  I had a 55% off coupon for framing and brought a beautiful painting I purchased from a street painter in Samana to be framed.  I really wish I knew how to frame on my own, I was absent when the crafty gene was given out in my family.

Food & Beverages~ Breakfast , grits with a scrambled egg. Lunch, see above.  Dinner, one soft taco with low fat cheese & some salsa. Snack, 3 small pieces of rum cake.3 cups coffee, 48 oz water.  Not the best eating day for me. Tomorrow my goal is to increase my water by at least 8 oz.

Fitness~ walked 4.68 miles


  1. Oh yay - more hearing about your day.

  2. Blogging each day has been a big help for me, keeps my mind fueled with fresh talk on being healthy which carries me through the days temptations.

    Poker is a good time,my sones were into itfor a while there but that has waned some. It was good to get them around a table and play cards for hours. Now, the xbox has becomemore of a passion for them. But I do still get to steal them away from it from time to time to play darts.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I try and post everyday or often. I love reading your blog you are very inspiring to me. Thank you!


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