Sunday, August 22, 2010


Today has been one of the worst days I have had since being banded. My eating was totally out of control. I am shocked at how easily I can allow myself to slip back into old habits after nearly a year of staying on the course of a healthy lifestyle. How easy it has been to convince myself that I have kicked my food addiction. It is still there, hidden... Waiting to take control. I understand now that being banded is a necessary part of my life both now & for the rest of my life.

I definitely logged everything today but tracking did nothing to stop me from grazing. I am amazed at how more I can eat following that tiny unfill I had (.1cc). How can such a tiny adjustment make such a difference ?

In the spirit of full disclosure & accountability here is my food intake today .

1/2 of a omelet, incl. 1-egg, mushrooms, 1-turkey link, onions, sprinkle of low fat shredded cheese. (saved other 1/2 in fridge)
1-slice toast w 1-tsp smart balance spread
1/2 plum
2 cup chicken ceasar salad
toppings from one pepperoni pizza
4 bites of a brownie
3 bite sized butterfingers


  1. I believe the truth is that us who have food addictions are just that addicts, and addicts for life. We learn to cope, over come and live with it and live healthy happy lives if we allow ourselves to do so. I wisgh it were like having a badn tennant in our himes which we could evict and to never have return.

    SO, there willbe days like this one you have laid out for us here. Kudos to you for your full disclosure & accountability. Too many would have not blogged for days, or, longer and the binging would continue on. By your coming here, the odds are this will not be a day you repeat tomorrow.

  2. I hate it when that happens! Tomorrow is another day......

  3. I hate falling off the wagon. At least you can be honest with yourself and that means you are less likely to stay off the wagon.

  4. I hear you sistafriend. I had the same weekend, but the best part is today is a new day. Besides: you actually really didn't do that badly, did you?
    Just get right back on track today...

  5. Don't think we'll ever get rid of the food addict in us. But like Patrick said we learn to cope and over come it. Stay strong today is a new day. Your doing such a wonderful job.

  6. It happens to everyone. Honestly, don't let it get to you. You're doing great!


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