Friday, August 6, 2010

Pity party is over

I let myself sit around the house for two days using my "bug" as a reason not to exercise. I have been around the diet/exercise world long enough to know that workouts do actually lessen recovery time when we are sick. The "fat chick" inside me is very good at finding an excuse not to exercise , I was weak for letting her have her way. This morning, I drank my cup of coffee and found myself sitting on the sofa. I had a stern talk with the fat chick, told her this was not going to turn into a week of no exercise! I put on my workout clothes and walked. Guess what? I honestly do feel better. The fresh (hot,humid) air helped get my head back into the game. I also doubled my vitamins yesterday and today.

I am still having some knee pain towards the end of my walks, its mostly felt when I encounter hills. I decided to add elations to my diet. I bought enough to drink one a day for a month to see if I feel any difference. I used to take osteo bi flex pills before being banded, but I can not longer tolerate those horse pills now

Now I am onto some much needed housework and de-cluttering. Wishing you all a wonderful TGIF!


  1. So. Jealous. That you get to clean and de-clutter!!

  2. Way to tell the fat chick whats up! Put your foot down! *hugs* :)


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