Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just Do it!

When I was in my 30's, I would vision life after retirement.  I could see myself traveling to all those parts of the world I always wanted.  I saw myself fit and vibrant, no limits due to physical inabilities.  Every time I thought about being a 30 yr old obese couch potato, I would tell myself there was plenty of time for me to lose it.  I would lose the weight after my daughter married, I didn't.  Then it was after my grandchildren were born, I didn't.  Finally it was after retirement, while I am not exactly where I am want to be there, I'm very close. 

The problem?  I waited too long.  Years of unhealthy eating and a sedentary lifestyle has taken it's toll on my body.  While I may have avoided Diabetes (time will tell), I still have hypertension and really bad knees.  I realize I started this journey at a lower BMI than some, but my journey has been tough.  I also realize this is most likely my last chance to beat obesity.  I must make the band work for me.

My surgeon says it is very important that I build my muscles and make them as strong as possible before my knee surgery.  I am going to have to begin tracking my food and water intake again to assure I am getting enough protein.  While I don't intend or want to track, for the next couple of months, I must.  Strength training on my legs 3x weekly will also be a must.

Those of you who took that big step to be banded younger, I applaud you for making your future retirement years healthier!

The Go-Chica-Go Challenge - Walking 3.7 miles


  1. You should applaud yourself Dee! You are a perfect example of "its never too late to get in shape".

    What are you having done to your knees? A replacement? Good for you getting stronger before any surgery. Go-Chica-Go!

  2. Give your self a huge pat on the back your doing a wonderful job and weather you got your surgery at a later time in your life at least you made the right decision. It's never to late to start being healthy.

  3. Hey at least you've made the choice NOW and not never. Good for you.

  4. But look at you now! I'm in the same boat having started at 209. The weight kept climbing 10 pounds every 5 years. My knees hurt a bit, but now like when I was 37 pounds heavier. We have to keep trying. It's all we can do. I've missed diabetes (for now) but my BP and cholesterol are still high. I always joke that I will be 94 and still dieting. Although, with the band I really don't diet. I'm looking forward to retirement but still have 7 or 8 years before my DH will let me retire :-)


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