Monday, August 9, 2010

Family Affairs

Yesterday was my youngest Granddaughter's 6th birthday party. She wanted it to have it at Chuck E Cheese and she had a wonderful time. I was somewhat disappointed in our family (both sides). Katrina has scattered our family further apart than we used to be. Still, I expect those family members, especially the ones with children to attend these birthday events. I am a Grandmother, but I have always gone out of my way to attend the birthday parties, showers & weddings of members of my family. If I have not been able to attend, my husband or daughter would attend in my place. Only two family members made it to the party out of approximately 15. We gave 3 phone number, email address and my facebook to RSVP and not one of bothered to do so. I was sad for my granddaughter, she is a sweet child. We have always been proud of our tight knit family but now I wonder if this will also be a casualty of Katrina. A couple of her good friends came from school and she had a great time playing with them so she hardly noticed the others did not attend. That is what was important in the end.
I didn't walk yesterday and while I did not make perfect choices yesterday, I did OK considering I was at a birthday party. I had no breakfast, a small amount of salad @ the party, a slice of pizza and couple bites of ice cream w/cake. I had nothing for supper, I was honestly not hungry. I was busy co hosting the party with my daughter and was on my feet moving constantly so I feel good about getting my exercise in. I was exhausted when we returned home.

This morning we are meeting for a financial planner, who knew retiring would require so much work! lol


  1. I hate when people don't RSVP. The only thing worse is when they do and then flake out on you. This happened at my daughter's 5th birthday. 18 people RSVP'd that they'd be there and only 4 showed up. Talk about disappointment. Glad she didn't mind.

    I nominated you for the Blog with Substance Award.

  2. Family can be so dissapointing sometimes... dont let it get you down tho!


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