Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 1

My healthy eating needs some attention. I am more aware of my hunger increasing since my unfill a few days ago. I found myself munching on Doritos today and promptly threw the entire bag into the garbage to keep from letting it get out hand. It wasn't real hunger, it was head hunger and I still need alot of work on my grazing.

My fitness got off to a great first day for the The Go-Chica-Go Challenge. I began with a 3.5 mile walk earlier in the day. After the grazing incident, I went to the gym to keep my mind off the snacking. I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and worked out my legs. My doc says I must make my leg muscles as strong as possible before my surgery, it will help with recovery.

I have made wonderful use of my iPhone in my journey. I added the Loseit! app to track my foods. I don't track very often any longer, now and then I will use it to monitor my intake. The second app I added is Runkeeper, it measures my distance/speed/calories of my walks. Today I added a third app called Gym Buddy for tracking my gym workouts, weights and reps. Try them if you have an iPhone!


  1. Cool work dumping the bag of bad foods. We should all have that power :)

  2. SOunds like your doing a good job on your fitness challange. Thats great!


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