Saturday, August 7, 2010

Crazy Saturday

Today was a normal busy Saturday with errands, kid activities and of course housework.  I did start the day off right with a nice long walk.  I brought the girls to our local Children's Museum and they had a great time, at least it was out of the scorching heat wave.  For lunch the girls wanted to eat Mexican so off we went.  I ordered a really poor choice (beef burrito with beans and rice).  When it got there, I ate the small amount of beans that were on the plate, tried to chew a piece of the beef and it was obvious to me that if I swallowed it, I would be in for some pain.  I discretely spit it into my dinner napkin and asked for a go container for the rest.  So far so good right?  Well by the time I got home with it, my "fat chick brain" decided one bite wouldn't hurt.  Later I pB'd the bite.  I should have just left the stuff on my plate at the restaurant.  When will I ever get my grazing under control? I definitely need to work on this area of my brain.  Mexican just never works out well for my new healthier eating.

Fitness~walked 3.5 miles bringing my total miles for August to 16.8 miles
Healthy eating ~ see above :(


  1. Mexican on a diet is a horror. Lard in most things, err.. Grilled meats, some black beans, salsa w/o chips, guacamole and grilled veggies.. Very difficult cuisine...

  2. I totally agree with you Alan, it is amazing that they are not overweight people .


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