Monday, August 2, 2010

Bahamas & cruise tips

My cruise to the Bahamas was absolutely breathtaking! I have never seen water such a beautiful shade of blue.

The girls got a chance to interact with dolphins and they were thrilled.

For those of you who have not tried cruising with the band, here is how I handled it:  I avoided the buffet and ate all our meals in the Main Dining Room to avoid the temptation of piling or seconds. Portions are fairly small in the Dining Room and they usually offer a seafood option as well as chicken and steak. I ordered mostly seafood dishes and allowed myself a bite or two of dessert. I also had a glass of wine each night with my meal. The scale shows a gain of 3-4 lbs, but I am going to give me myself a week to lose the water weight before recording any gains. I think it is water weight due to salt water and more salt in food than I use at home.

August is a new month!

Fitness ~ I walked 2.4 miles yesterday, the heat was grueling.
Healthy Eating ~ Breakfast was an icy cold alpine punch protein drink, Lunch was a small chicken ceasar salad, supper was a little roast beef and a cup of Blue bunny ice cream.  I find the individual sized cups easier for me to control portions.


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  1. Welcome back! So glad to hear you had a wonderful time.


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