Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thanks & WL Winners

First, I want to thank all of your for your prayers on behalf of my sister. She is holding her own today.

Sometimes I tend to think that losing weight using our band as a tool is just so wonderful that every overweight person should get it. Everyone on this journey from obese to normal weight is looking for what works for them. The band was the answer for me, but as we all know it still requires healthy eating and exercise. Two of my favorite blogs I like to read are success stories but without the aid of the band.

The first one is Sean who went from 505# to 230#, his blog is lighthearted but packed with tips. Today he talks about the challenge of the buffet and how we need to remind ourselves to enjoy the socializing aspect of dining out, rather than making it all about the food.

The second one is 266 She has lost 115#, again without the aid of the band. What initially caught my attention about her journey, was the consistency of her weightloss, she has had very few plateaus. All of us fight the dreaded plateau during our weightloss journey. After reading her blog, one thing I liked was she does some type of exercise each day. Somedays it is just squats or crunches, teaching us that exercise doesn't have to be an exercise class, 5k or take an hour each and every time. When life gets in the way of exercise, take a few minutes and do squats, situps or stretches.

Take a few minutes to browse their blogs, they offer some wonderful inspiration!

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  1. First of all, I hope your sister is doing well. I too am losing the weight as my blood sugar had just started to go up and now after just 30 pounds lost, it is perfectly normal. Next will be the BP pills, but my younger thin sister has been on them since she was 16. Sometimes it isn't possible to get off some of the drugs. My older sister too is pre-diabetic but really diabetic and will probably be on pills soon. You are being such a great role model to your kids and grandkids. They will love you for extending their life. It is a change and I hope your sister (and mine) finally wake up and do something. It doesn't have to be the band. That as you say is just a tool. There are many other successful people who do well without the band. A choice. That is what I believe because it certainly isn't any easier with the band, but it is our way.


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