Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Life Less-restricted

That is how I feel today, Less Restricted. I had my usual breakfast yogurt around 9am. It went down way too easy. Normally it takes about 30 minutes with my little toddler spoon to get my yogurt down. Today it was gone before I knew it. Lunch was leftover lasagna and normally anything pasta is very difficult for me to get down, today no problem and I ate much more than I normally can. Where did that dayum restriction go?

Yesterday we went to a business lunch and I ordered chicken Parmesan and could only eat 1/2 of piece of the chicken and ended up PBg most of it. Last night I tried to eat a piece of veal and it was a no go....

How can we go from not being able to eat one day and everything the next? Restriction is such a puzzle to me. I hope it comes back soon :)


  1. I'm with you..mine comes and goes with the phases of the moon or weather or stress..or or or..its a pain int he buttinsky.


  2. hi Dee- just found your blog. I read a bunch of it and it sounds like things are coming along nicely with your weight loss. I just happen to be in New Orleans right now for a conference. I am leaving tomorrow afternoon, but I'd love to meet a fellow bandster if you are available. You can leave a comment on my blog and I'll get it on my blackberry right away... by the way, NO is a great city! I have really enjoyed my time here :)


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