Sunday, July 18, 2010

Less is definately NOT more

Not when it comes to restriction.  My last fill was .2 and it had to all be removed because I was having awful reflux and night cough.  Now my restriction is not what it needs to be.  I normally have to wait till around 10am or later to eat anything for breakfast because I am tight in the mornings, now I'm hungry when I wake up.  I'm talking REAL hunger.  Then when I do eat breakfast, it's not lasting.  I have been snacking between meals.....definately not good.  I am going on my cruise next week and I do not want to risk another too tight fill.  At the same time,  it terrifies me to go on this cruise with as little restriction as I currently have.  I think I will call my favorite NP early Monday and see what she thinks, maybe just a teen tiny .1cc fill.

Nutrition ~ today was really bad.  So far today, I have had one small container of greek yogurt with 1/2 cup granola, 1/2 cup of a dairy queen blizzard, 1 punch isopure, 2 whole slices of pizza.  Really bad eating day.

Fitness ~ I walked about 90 minutes today, the heat was a killer!


  1. Ack! It's so tricky getting these fills right. .02 is nothing and yet look what it did. I feel for you. Hopefully, you'll be so busy on your cruise the focus will be off food (really hoping for you!!) Nice work on the 90 min walk though. You did it even though it was stinking hot.

  2. At least you got some excersise in. Thats important right!

  3. I feel for ya Dee! Hopefully you'll get it right before the cruise...good luck with the NP tomorrow.

  4. Thanks for the comments on my blog they were so helpful and now I've really slowed down my eating and I understand why I had to go back on liquids.

    Good luck on the cruise and I hope you have a fun time! Sorry to hear you're going through a lot with getting to your sweet spot.


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