Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday YAY!

I sometimes wonder how a Friday will feel once I am retired. Will I still have this feeling of excitement and freedom that I get from looking forward to two days off? I think I won't because part of the excitement is due to not having my time scheduled for me. Now that my retirement date is getting closer, I have been reading alot more about the emotional aspect of it. I have beaten the financial part to death and now feel as confident as I ever will, walking away from a career that has engulfed 32 years of my adult life.

I read a small book  titled, "Too Young to Retire". The author explains that at around age 50 most of us have completed our important achievements yet still have good health and plenty of energy. I can pretty much say that is true for me today. I would not be able to make that claim if I had not been banded. Both my health and energy were very poor this same time last year.

The author also states that some people 50 and older refuse to step into the retirement stage for fear it signals old age. He goes on to say that those who defer it, risk losing out on rich experiences and the freedom that retirement brings. In other words, those who put off retirement run the risk of waiting too late and not being able to live their retirement dreams due to illness.

I can honestly say today that my retirement years will be much more rewarding because I made the decision to be banded and take control of my own health.  Have a great TGIF everyone!

Note: My husband and I had a discussion on the BOOBS and he seems to think it would be a good experience for me to go to Chicago. I will talk it over with him over the weekend and check airfares to see if it will workout for me. 


  1. I'm sure your retirement will be wonderful now that your banded. You'll be so much more motivated to enjoy yourself as a person and do many exciting new things. Good Luck in your future :)

  2. I think retirement will be great, as well. My parents love it, but it was an adjustment at first.

    Fingers crossed for you to come to BOOBS in Sept! I'd love to meet you!


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